I don’t know what your bedroom was like when you were a kid, but mine was pretty basic. A bed a dresser and a closet, with a few stuffed animals to brighten it up. Every once in awhile I would get a fresh coat of paint, and that was the extent of home décor. Today, though, children can have bedrooms that when they walk in, brings them to a different place, a different world. Check out these adorable rooms, that I bet you wish you had when you were younger.

  1. Kids Camp

Imagine a bedroom where you felt like you were camping every night with your own tent and your own camp fire. But no bugs, bears or rain!

  1. The Friend’s Loft

This is a place where friends are welcome, and never want to leave. A place where you can sleep, read, do homework and play.

  1. Sleeper Camper

When we go camping today, we no longer sleep in a tent. The tent was fine when we were in our teens and 20s, but today we have upgraded to an RV. A place where we can sleep and cook in comfort. Apparantly kids aren’t that different. Sleeping in comfort. Where will their dreams take them?

  1. The Dream Treehouse

This is imagination at its finest, bringing more of the outdoor inside. This time it is the treehouse that is inside. As a child, I had a treehouse that I could hide away in, to get away from my family, to have some time by myself. With this treehouse, I could do it all in my own room.

  1. Sleep and Sport

Take the shot! This is the exact opposite of what I heard in my house. Don’t throw the ball in the house. This bedroom is designed for passing, shooting and throwing balls. It is designed for punching and kicking. And of course, sleeping…

  1. The Rock Climbing Wall

Climbing is a skill that comes naturally to kids. How many of you have fallen out of a tree and broken your arm? What if you could do all that climbing in your own bedroom, and put some cushions on the floor in case you fall. Pure joy for a kid!

  1. The Market

What little kids don’t love playing store and restaurant? Pretending they are grown up and working for a living. Selling groceries, ringing in the items, and asking for the money. For us this is just living. For children and their imagination, nothing is better.

  1. The Disney Castle

Who needs Disney when you have a room like this. Every girls fantasy. They can be Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty, or any of the princesses in their play and then in their dreams.

  1. The Fort

Now here is another one for the boys. They can play Pirates of the Caribbean in this fort themed bedroom. I bet Dad can’t wait to spend a couple nights sleeping here as well.

  1. The Slide

Okay, I need to admit that even as an adult, I’ve always wanted a slide inside my house. I’ve seen houses with indoor pools, and the slide goes directly into the pool. Now I know that this isn’t quite that extravagant, but anytime you can get out of bed and slide down the slide to start your day, is a close second.


Which bedroom do you want?

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