When you get the travel bug, it gets deep into your bones and never seems to go away. It can change your whole life as you chase that next adventure. In a world that has 195 countries spread over 510,000,000 km squared, the adventures are endless. Choosing where your feet take you next is sometimes based on research, and sometimes based on where the wind pushes you. You meet a person on your travels that tells you about a great adventure they had in another country. In that moment you know that you will be adding it to your own list of adventures.

For each traveller, their location bucket list is based on their own individual interests. Some use their travel as a way to give back to charity by digging wells, building shelters, creating agriculture, etc. For others it could be based on hobbies (which for some becomes their lifestyle) like surfing, rock climbing, hiking or marathons. Some travellers base their travels around religious pursuits, or historically significant locations. Some are travelling the world and base their location on concerts or events. The reason you travel could simply be to find the best beaches and nightlife.

Where you go and what you do is up to you. With this post, I want to highlight some travel bloggers that I follow, because they speak to me and the places that I want to go. This isn’t a complete list. There are over a thousand travel bloggers out there. Hopefully there will be one or two that resonate with you and help you to go on your next great adventure.

  1. Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes is a New York best selling author. He was working the 9 – 5 at a desk when he took a trip to Costa Rica for a week. On that vacation, he got bit by the bug. The next year it was Thailand. That was enough for him to quit his job, and start on an adventure that would take him around the world. This blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to afford to travel. It includes travel tips, interviews, case studies and profiles of other travelers, and one of the best things is the forum where other travelers get together to share ideas.

  1. One Mile At A Time

Ben Schlappig travels an average of 400,000 miles a year. He started his blog in 2008, but even before then he had traveled throughout the world. His passion for travel and teaching people to travel more affordable using points has made his blog one of the most popular travel blogs and you can usually find it at the top of many best blog lists. He also includes reviews of the best airlines, hotels and airport lounges.

  1. Boarding Area

This is one of the larger travel blogs. They are unique in that they bring together many frequent flier travel blogs into one location where you can find all the best information on the web. Their goal is to provide their audience with everything they need to make the most of their travel. You can find hotel, lounge and trip reviews, blogs from a female perspective, deal blogs, business travel blogs, podcasts, videos, Australian blogs, UK Blogs, Canadian blogs, and blogs from around the world.

  1. The Poor Traveler

Based on the name, you can surmise that The Poor Traveler is a budget travel blog. But it is more than that. You see, the bloggers, Yoshke and Vins have built a safe place for travellers to get information that they need. When they started out, they got lost, got scammed, and eneded up spending more money than they should have. Beyond the location reviews, they also write about how you can follow in their footsteps and learn how to quit your job and make money with your own travel blog.

  1. Local Adventurer

This is a truly unique blog. Esther and Jacob started the blog, with more contributors. They found that although they lived in a city, they really didn’t know much about the surrounding area and all the adventures that they could find close to home. So they decided to make their home their base of adventure, and then move every year to a new city and new adventures. They, along with their contributors aren’t in a location for a week or two at a time. Rather they are there for an entire year. Their travel tips include posts with city guides, national parks reviews, and best things to do lists.

  1. The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten is living the life that most of us have dreamed of. She quit her job in corporate America in finance to become a world traveler. Kiersten has since traveled to over 50 countries and experienced some big adventures on her travels. She blogs about flying on a budget, fashion in different countries. She writes reviews on different music and cultural events, and food from throughout the world. It is a great blog with a lot of content.

  1. I Am Aileen

Aileen is 21 years old, and quit her corporate job to pursue her dream of traveling the world and building her own business. She was broke and young when she started, but within a few months, she was living her dream. Aileen became an online entrepreneur, travel blogger and travel vlogger, and living a sustainable travel lifestyle. She uses her blog to help other travelers achieve what she has, and provide detailed travel guides, adventures, resources, tips and more.

  1. Nomad Revelations

I would explain their blog, but I thought that they explain themselves much better. They are a “renowned travel blog procured to inspire independent travelers and audacious backpackers through exotic narratives and offbeat ideas. Intense journeys into more than 126 countries across Africa, Antartica, Asia, Europe, North to South America, and Oceania. They write and share videos about destinations, adventures, experiences, gear, blogs, resources, etc. It is one of the most thorough blogs you will find.

  1. Johnny Jet

Johnny built a place where travel experts can share their tips and expertise. It started as a resource for some travelling friends who had a competition to see who could accrue the most travel miles. Johnny had been travelling over 150,000 miles a year for 10 years. Johnny started to share as many ideas as he could to help his friends earn double miles. His tips grew and grew, and he had bookmarked all of the best travel websites and posts, and started sharing those in his portal. His blog is another great resource that you need to use.

  1. Migrationology

Mark Wiens blog is one of my favourites, because it combines two of my favourite passions, food and travel. He shares his most delicious food and travel tips on his blog. This should be bookmarked on every travellers laptop to find the best food in the locations that you travel. As time continues, the blog will have many more cities. What can be better than travelling and eating!!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but the amount of information that you can find in these blogs will keep you busy for a very long time. It will provide the information and motivation for you to travel to some exotic locations and have some great adventures.

If there is a travel site that you love and think that we need to know about, please share below in the comments. Safe Travels!

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