We are only 2 weeks away from Halloween, so right now is the right time to decorate your house and make it the scariest house on the block. With Halloween just around the corner, you can buy some store bought decorations and look like every other house on your block, or you can use some of these ideas to really scare your neighbours. Be the talk of your neighbourhood by using some of these DIY ideas.

  1. Spider Sacks

If you suffer from arachnaphobia, this may not be the decoration for you. Everybody puts some spider webs on the house and leaves it at that. To take it to the next level, nothing makes your skin crawl like a nest of huge spiders.

  1. Golden Pallet

The Walking Dead comes to life with this one. There is some commitment by digging the pallet into the ground, but the effect will be frightening.  Whatever you do, don’t let them out!

  1. Garage Door

We have all pressed the automatic garage door opener, and run under. This guy didn’t quite make it! The secret with this one is making sure you put enough stuffing into the clothes to make the person look real. If you can figure out a way to make one or both of the legs quiver and shake, it will add to the reality.

  1. Mice in the pumpkin

Just looking at this pumpkin makes my skin crawl. Seeing this many mice outside of a pet store is too creepy. You can get creative by using a couple different pumpkins, and different sizes of mice.

  1. Glow in the dark dresses

This one will take a bit of time and some skill to get the dresses to look this good. But the effect will be awesome. You just need to get the chickenwire, which can be found at Rona or Home Depot. The glow in the dark paint can be found at most craft stores.

  1. Wriggling Snake Wreath

If you are afraid of snakes, this one may give you the heebie geebies. It is actually pretty simple to make with black spray paint, a grapevine wreath and plastic snakes.

  1. Glowing Eyes in the Trees

Every good horror film has something scary in the dark watching the characters, gettng ready to jump out and attack the hero. This one is fast and easy. Just save your paper towel rolls. And put them somewhere dark.

  1. Dolls Eyes Light Up

I know that this is my son’s worst nightmare. He absolutely hates dolls, and if their eyes light up? Forget about it! Especially if it is just a dolls head without the body, or dolls without arms or legs. For extra scary details, use dolls that are older, and have scrapes, scars and stains.

  1. Witch Legs

This one is less scary and more cute, but a must have at Halloween. This is for all those Wizard of Oz fans out there.

  1. Writing on the window in blood

    A scary halloween house is not complete without the bloody words and bloody handprints on the window. It makes the kids wonder what horrors have happened in the house, and what happened to the people that lived there!
    With one or more of these ideas your home will be transformed from a welcoming home, to a house of horrors that will scare the kids and parents alike.

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