If your kitchen was like ours, every drawer is filled with stuff. Much of that stuff we haven’t touched since moving in 8 years ago. It is hidden behind everything else in the drawer so we don’t see that stuff, but it is certainly disorganized. The drawer I hate the most is the one fillled with plastic containers. It is so hard to find the lid that fits each container. So when I saw some of these posts on pinterest, I knew there were others like us that could use some organizing tips for the kitchen.

Easy to Find Pot Lids

The key to organizing is to use space that isn’t usually useable. For instance, this first hack uses the inside of the cabinet doors to hang things, like pot lids. Pot lids are one of those things that are sometimes hard to find when you need them. By keeping them on the door, they become easy to find and easily accessible.

Kitchen Organization
Easy To Find Pot Lids

Garbage Bag Holder

DIY your garbage bag roll holder under the sink. Most of us have our rolls under the cabinet, but the worst is when they fall over and roll to the back of the cabinet. With these holders, the garbage bags become easier to handle and use. It will probably only take you about 60 minutes to fab up.

Under the Sink
garbage bag holders

Simply Organized

Under Your Sink

Under the sink of your bathroom and kitchen are places that can easily become unorganized and messy with every day use. They don’t usually have shelves to organize them, and the bottles, rags, and other cleaning materials can be everywhere. I like this idea, with a rod to hang the cleaning bottles on, and shelves to organize the other things.

keep it tidy
organize your kitchen

Home Talk

Pantry Party

This pantry organized in the next picture is the perfect pantry. I am not going to say that you need your pantry to look this organized, but if you can move closer to perfect, that would be good. I know in our pantry right now, there are alot of food boxes and things that we don’t need, and should be thrown away. Yours may be the same. The secret to being organized is to get your pantry organized and keeping it that way.

Organized Food
Dream Pantry

Apartment Therapy

Pet Feeder Station

We have a dog baby, so we know what it is like to have a pet feeding station somewhere in the house. This one is wonderful. It hides everything when it isn’t being used, and is easily accessible when it is time to feed your dog. It is stylish as well, so you don’t mind it in your kitchen.

Feed your dog
Pet Feeder Station


Drawer Organization

This is a great little DIY drawer organizing tutorial. It makes the drawer organized, and it will be easier to find your utensils and tools when you need them.

Organize your gadets
DIY kitchen drawer

Kevin and Amanda

Water Bottle Organizer

This water bottle holder is a must if you have kids, or if you use a lot of water bottles. There is nothing worse than heading out to a soccer game and not being able to find a water bottle. The thing that might be worse is when you have the bottle, but not the lid. With this organizer, you keep your cupboard organized, you can find the bottles with lids, and it looks neat.

Organize your bottles
Water Bottle Holder

Glue Stick Gum Drops

Slide Out Pantry

This slide out pantry uses space that isn’t being used right now. You can take your spices and other things that are usually found in the back of the pantry and make it more accessible. Roll out the pantry, grab your spices, roll it back in. If you use the same color as the rest of your cupboards on the end, guests won’t even know it is there. Genius.

Hidden Pantry
Slide Out Pantry

Heather’s Hand Made Life

When your kitchen is organized, it creates alot less stress in your life. If your family is like ours, most of our time awake is spent in the kitchen. So when it is organized, it is alot easier to work in your kitchen. Make the stuff you need like utensils and spices accessible and easy to find. I hope some of this stuff helps out. Comment below if you are using one of our ideas.

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