We live in a world where every illness and symptom is fought with prescriptions made by big pharma. Yet for thousands of years, these same symptoms have been helped by food. Herbs are some of the best medicines that Mother Nature has given us. The great thng about many of these medicines is that you can consume it in your meals, and in tea that you can drink. 


This is an herb that not only provides a delicious addition to our meals, but the health benefits it provides is a long list of health wishes for many. If they only knew it was readily available with a green thumb. Some of the benefits include:

  • blood flow and stimulation of the brain
  • improves digestion
  • encourages healthy hair growth
  • anti-oxident
  • anti-inflammatory
  • many, many more…


Lavender smells wonderfulyand grows quickly. It attracts bees which use it for pollen for its honey, and repels bad bugs like mosquitos, flys and moths. Besides its wonderful smell used in sprays and perfumes, it also adds a special taste to baking and drinks. Medicinally, it is used as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. Lavender helps with bug bites and burns, and has many other uses as well.


Parsley is more than just a garnish that makes your dish look pretty. If you usually bypass the parsley, perhaps you should nibble a little parsley. It is like a magic elixar right there on your plate. Some of the benefits of parsley including:

  • a natural diuretic
  • relieves bloating
  • helps fight kidney stones
  • urinary tract infection
  • fights bad breath
  • any more…

Dandelion Root

Do you have grass in your yard? If so, dandelions are probably your nemesis every spring and summer. The way they grow and spread. Well what if I told you those pesty weeds also pack a healthy punch? You would probably say the same thing I did. “I didn’t know that!”

You harvest the dandelion root in the fall or early spring before it flowers. You want the root. Dry it in a dehydrater, and you can make dandelion coffee. Why would I do that? you ask. Well what if I told you it helps hangovers?! Not only that, but arthritis. Also, liver problems, high blood pressure, digestion, etc. Don’t knock it until you try it!


Have you ever seen a dill field at the end of summer? It is quite beautiful actually. We all know the taste of dill. Some of us love it and some of us not very much. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed dill pickles, or dill chips. Dill has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb and as food, and has also been used for cosmetics and perfume. Dill has been used as a garnish, an appetizer and for helping heart burn, has a calming effect and helps with insomnia. It also promotes healthy teeth and bones, and it tastes sooo good!


Echinecea is such a beautiful flower that blooms in our garden in the summer. It’s purple flower is a beautiful contrast to the brown eyed susans and tiger lilies. Long before it was a tea flavour, this beautiful flower has been used by Native Americans as medicine for hundreds of years. The natives used it to prevent and heal colds, infections and flu symptoms. Echinecea has also been used to treat prophylaxis, gingivitis, sinusitis, pink eye, psoriasis, bronchitis, whooping cough, and alot more.


Who doesn’t love relaxing on a Sunday morning with a nice hot cup of chamomile tea and a good book? The tea is relaxing and warm and tastes so good! Isn’t it wonderful knowing that you are doing your body so good? It is an antioxidant that has been used for over 5000 years as medicine. Chamomile is used to fight anxiety and depression, fights allergies and hay fever,  is an anti-inflammatory, and insomnia cure. It also helps PMS and insomnia. So next time you are enjoying your chamomile tea, remember all the good it is doing to your body.


Garlic is one of my favourite spices, and I add it to almost everything. I do it mostly for the taste, but there are so many benefits to eating raw garlic. In fact, it is one of the most documented foods, with thousands of studies that discuss how garlic helps the body to protect and heal itself. Studies show that garlic helps fight cancer, heart disease, stroke, infections and dimentia. Buy garlic, or grow your own.


Every morning I drink a cup of Peppermint Green tea, with 2 tablespoons of butter. The butter gives me extra fat in my diet, which aids in fat loss. The peppermint, honestly, just tastes good. Mint helps with cold and flu, digestion, weight loss, stress, dental care, skin care and headaches. Drink your tea and enjoy the health benefits!


An old proverb says “who has sage in the garden does not need a doctor”.  Sage has been used since ancient Egypt to stop bleeding, for disinfection, and to help cure gastric disease. For beauty, sage can also be used to strengthen hair and give it a shine. It also helps hair to retain its color. Finally, if that is not enough, it helps to whiten teeth.

After this post, you can see how important it is to add these herbs to your diet to live a healthy life.

What herbs do you consume regularly? Comment below.

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