If you have young kids, and you want to keep them busy, nothing uses the right side of their brain and at the same time is as fun as doing crafts. Rainy days are the best day to do crafts, because they don’t want to be outside getting wet, and you don’t want them in front of their screens the whole day either. Here are some ideas on how to get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Glitter Slime

My kids are slime fanatics right now. In fact, I think there are about 5 different slimes in containers on my kitchen counter right now. It is less about playing with it, and more about just making it. We are buying glue by the gallons. This slime is beautiful.

  1. Popsicle stick airplanes

This craft is a lot more fun to play with than paper airplanes, and almost as easy to make. You can be creative with the design and the colors. It is a toy that your child won’t want to put down at night when they go to bed!

  1. Straw Rockets

This toy looked so fun that I actually made it myself, and couldn’t stop shooting it in the air. It works perfectly. You need to try it. Your kids will be begging to play with it.

  1. Easy Homemade Playdough

This one is a classic. It is something that you have probably made a hundred times. But in case it has been awhile and you’ve lost the recipe, I’ll post it here. I do admit that it is still fun to make the playdough, squish it and form it into shapes. It brings you back to your childhood.

  1. Straw Pan Flute Craft

As you can see from the picture the craft is easy to make. But it is fun to see the surprise look on their face when not only are they able to make the instrument, but it actually works. They will play their flutes like they are the Pied Piper marching the rats out of Ireland!

  1. The Color Scavenger Hunt

This is less a craft and more of a game or activity. But it is exciting how much fun the kids have playing this scavenger game. Especially if there is a prize at the end for the person that finds all the colors first. One point, is to have a few different game cards, because after they do it once, they are going to want to do it again.

  1. Buggies

How cute are these little guys. Your kids will go nuts making them and playing with them. They can make them all look the same, or make them all look different. They will play with them for hours. They are the only bugs you will love to watch your kids playing with.

  1. Sharpie Art

This craft is actually art. Your kids can use all their creativity to make an original piece of art that you will be happy to put on the fridge. You may even want to frame it and hang it in your house.

  1. Birdhouses

This craft is not only fun to make, but is also useful. After they make their own birdhouse, and hang it from a tree that they can see from their bedroom window, your kids will be screaming with joy when the chickadees and bluejays come to eat from their birdhouse.

  1. Suncatcher

Now this craft definitely isn’t a “child only” craft, but it is one of those crafts that you may keep forever. The end result is a beautiful suncatcher that will reflect the colors on the wall.

A rainy day doesn’t need to mean the end of your kids’ fun. In fact it could be the beginning to a fun filled crafty afternoon Share your projects with us in the comments below.

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