If you are already on a weight loss journey, or simply contemplating starting a weight loss journey, this post will serve as your motivation for losing weight. These tranformations are amazing and unbelievable. I have just started my journey, and I find that stories and pictures like these motivate me when thing get difficult. And they will…..get difficult. There will be temptations, and times when you want to give up. That is when you look at the pictures and read their stories.

You will know that these people were also tempted. The person you see now is much different than the one that started. Not only in the shape and size of their bodies, but also in the people they have become. When you face tempting foods and decide to not indulge, your will becomes stronger. It is like a muscle. The more you use it and exercise it, the stronger it gets. You build your resolve. You become stronger, and in time you achieve your goals.


1. Lyndsey


Lyndsey had a tough childhood and used food to comfort her. At the age of 21, she weighed 330 lbs. She was miserable, and she wanted a different life for herself. She used gastric bypass surgery to help with the weight loss, and changed her diet and her lifestyle. In the end, she lost 200 lbs. She actually weighed less than the amount of fat that she lost. Her tips to help you with your weight loss are:

  1. Get inspired
  2. Don’t give up
  3. Stay consistent
  4. You can’t out work a bad diet
  5. Have patience when it comes to results

2. April


April had her 5th child and decided that she wasn’t happy with what she looked like. She didn’t like getting dressed up and going out. She was missing out on life. April made a decision to lose the weight and she changed her diet cold turkey. She started working out regularly. The weight came off quickly. In 7 months she went from 210 lbs to 128 lbs. She looks amazing!

April’s tips are:

  1. consistency is key
  2. eat healthy food that is going to give you energy.
  3. believe in yourself
  4. take care of your body
  5. move forward.

3. Lauren


Her trigger to gain weight was the passing of a very important woman in her life, her grandmother. That trigger was also the goal for her weight loss. Her mother was taking her to Hawaii to celebrate her grandmother’s life. Lauren was determined that she was not going to be the fat girl on the beach. When things were tough, she prayed. Through prayer and determination, Lauren managed to lose 50lbs of weight in 6 months, and 90 lbs in 1 year.

Lauren’s tips are:

  1. Love yourself
  2. This is a life change, not simply a “diet”
  3. Drink a lot of water
  4. Consume alot of protein
  5. Don’t lose faith!

4. Isadora


Isadora grew up in Brazil and was always the fat kid. She wouldn’t let herelf get too close to anyone because of her weight. One boyfriend was especially cruel and called her fat. She decided that she wouldn’t let her weight define her, and made a decision to get skinny. Isadora lost 70lbs in 8 months. She has alot of tips. Go to the website to read all the tips.

5. Kate


Kate’s weight affected her social life, her romantic life and her work life. She decided to lose weight after stepping on the scale and being disgusted at the number that stared back at her. Her pants were getting tight, and she wasn’t happy. She started eating better, and doing some cardio exercises, and the weight started coming off. Kate was/is a food junkie and she is successful because her motivation is greater than her struggles. In one year she lost 80 lbs, and 130 lbs total.

Kate’s tips are:

  1. set small achievable goals
  2. This is a lifestyle, not temporary.
  3. Learn to forgive yourself. You won’t be perfect.
  4. Drink water
  5. Love yourself

6. Sarah


Sarah’s story is a common one. She was happily married. At that time, she weighed 185 lbs from living a lifetime on a SAD diet. She ate breads, and sugar was part of her diet. There was some food addiction issues. She had 3 children and would gain a few pounds with each pregnancy. Eventually her weight creeped up to 225 lbs.

She was tired, and mentally she was ashamed of her body. Sarah didn’t even want to see her friends, because she was ashamed of how she looked. She was afraid of being in a bathing suit in public. Sarah was missing out on life, so one day she just decided to make a change. Not without her struggles, she changed her diet, and started running 6 times per week.

7. Julianna


Many people use food as a crutch during difficult times in their lives. That is where the term “comfort food” comes from. They eat to comfort themselves. Especially during times of turmoil. In Julianna’s circumstance, that turmoil came as a result of her father’s death, and to add to that her husband left her. Julianna’s father was constantly struggling with his weight and eventually died of a weak heart. She made the decision that she was not going to live like that. She was going to get healthy so that she could live a long, happy life.

Julianna started to journal about her feelings about food and about life. She wrote about how food made her feel, and how she used food as a crutch. She decided to have weight loss surgery. This helped because it shrunk her stomach and made her feel full sooner. The weight started to come off. She started exercising, and eating better, and in less than a year she went from 230 lbs to 150 lbs.

8. Anita


Anita felt that she was living a lie. She was working as a health professional and giving advice on how to live healthy. Yet she was eating sugar, and eating fast food. She wasn’t exercising, and her weight was creeping up. Eventually topping out at 385 lbs. It was tough to get around. She lost her breath simply going for a walk. Eventually she said enough was enough. She had weight loss surgery, and she quickly changed her habits. Over the next 2 years Anita, with her new habits, saw her weight plummet from 385 lbs to 179 lbs. She didn’t look like the same person, and in fact she wasn’t the same person. She had changed inside and out.

Anita has become the best version of herself. Anita’s tips are to make a decision to do what it takes to be healthy. Live your best life. Have faith.

9. Amy


Amy’s history is a struggle that many of us have had. She quickly gained weight as a child and through her teens. She tried different weight loss solutions, and her weight yo-yo’d up and down, up and down. At her top weight she weighed 350 lbs. She had just lost 40 lbs, when she had her first child and her weight spiked up again. The same thing happened with her second child. Amy started tracking her calories and activity using weight loss apps and in the next 10 months she lost 120 lbs. She has maintained that weight loss for 12 months. She admits that the last year has not been without its challenges, but she continues to fight.

Amy’s tips are:

  1. set small goals and crush them
  2. don’t weight yourself more than once per week
  3. take pictures and measurements to compare
  4. when you fall down, get back up

10. Tania


Tania had struggled with her weight for her entire life. She felt that her weight defined her life, and it wasn’t a good life. Tania wanted a better life, and she knew it was up to her to change. She saw others that were going through their own weight loss journey and she saw what they were doing. They were eating healthy food and exercising. She put faith in the process and got started. She has plateuas and she has doubt some days, but she puts her faith in the process and the weight keeps coming off.

Tania’s tips:

  1. Take it one day at a time.
  2. Your success comes from your daily habits.
  3. Make your plan your own
  4. Keep your mental health
  5. God is with you

These transformations are amazing and true inspiration for those that want to start their own journey towards living their best, most healthy life.

If you are on your own weight loss journey, or are just starting out, or are just thinking about it, please share in the comments.

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