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Did you get an Instant Pot for Christmas? Do you love it? I know I do. Are you looking for some Instant Pot Recipes? It makes it so much easier on a tight schedule to put supper on the table for us and the kids, without worrying about making sure the meat is thawed. There is nothing worse than getting home from work at 6pm and start thinking about supper at that time.

Usually when that happens, it means that we are ordering supper in from one of our favourite restaurants. That’s not a bad thing once in awhile, but we can’t do that every night, and be confident that we will be able to pay the rest of our bills that month. This is where the Instant Pot comes in handy. Put the food in the instant pot before you leave for work and when you get home, you have a delicous home made supper.

  1. Instant Pot Beef Pot Roast

    The secret with this recipe is the gravy. A great gravy and a great cut of meet with fat marbled into the meat will ensure that this recipe is the best pot roast you have ever eaten.

Delicious Pot Roast
Instant Pot Recipe

Novice Chef Blog

2. Instant Pot Crack Chicken

Now, when it comes to chicken dishes, this one is tops. Follow the recipe and the chicken won’t dry out. It will be moist and delicious. You will want to come back for more and more.

Instant Pot Recipes
Delicious Crack Chicken

Aunt Bees Recipes

3. Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Broccoli and Cheese Soup is one of those staples that you need to try in your Instant Pot. It takes almost no time at all to make some soup for supper or lunch. If you make a large pot, be ready to go back for seconds. You won’t be able to help yourself. It’s that good.

instant pot broccoli cheese soup
instant pot recipe

Frugal Haus Frau

4. Instant Pot Cashew Chicken

If you have enjoyed Cashew Chicken in the past, you are going to have to try this recipe. It is one of the best we have ever had.

Instant Pot Recipe
Instant Pot Cashew Chicken

Copy Me That

5. Chili

Whether it is for football on Sunday, Super Bowl, or just a cold day out, chili is the one recipe that we make more of than any other in our Instant Pot. You don’t need to stick to the recipe posted. Add your own ingredients to make it even better.

Instant Pot Recipe

A Night Owl Blog

6. Honey Garlic Chicken with Broccoli and Rice

Don’t let the broccoli fool you, this recipe is fantastic. You don’t need to tell your children that its healthy. That can be our little secret.

Instant Pot Recipe
Declicious Honey Garlic Chicken

365 Days of Crockpot

7. Instant Pot Lasagna

This is one of those surprise recipes for the Instant Pot. This and spaghetti. I wouldn’t have thought we could make pasta dishes in an instant pot, or what it would taste like. Fact is, it comes out so delicious. Try it. You’ll love it!

Instant Pot Recipe
Lasagna Recipe

365 Days of Crockpot

8. Instant Pot French Onion Soup

French Onion soup is a delicacy around our house. Usually during the winter, after spending the day outside in the snow. It warms you from the inside out and it tastes so good. If you love french onion soup like we do, you will love this recipe too.

Delicious French Onion Soup
Instant Pot French Onion Soup

Well Plated

9. Mouth Watering Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork can be great if done right, and unedible when done wrong. With this instant pot recipe you  know it is going to be made right.

Mouth Watering Dinner
Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Living LoCurto

10. Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken

We usually get our rotisserie chicken from either Costco, or the regular grocery store. These are premade chickens that fall off the bone. The Instant Pot is great, because you don’t need to go to the store. You spice the chicken, throw it into the instant pot, and watch the meat as it falls off the bone when you slice it. Like the Colonel says, its finger licking good!

Instant Pot Recipes
Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

Smashed Peas and Carrots

If you don’t have an instant pot, I recommend this one. It is one of those appliances that taks a couple of times of using it before you will perfect it. Once you use it a couple times, it will become easier. My one caution is that it may make your oven obsolete. It will always be on your counter because you will be using it so much that you won’t put it away. It is that useful. And it is easy to clean up, because you only clean one thing.

So those are some of our favourite Instant Pot Recipes. Try them out and comment below how much you enjoyed them (or not). Also share some of yoru best Instant Pot Recipes.


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