Our home is our castle. It is where we can go to relax, refresh, and recharge our batteries. However, sometimes that is difficult to do when I am lying on my couch, and I see piles of paper, stacks of books, clothes that aren’t in their place, and toys on the ground. It is hard to relax when you see your house as “hoarders paradise”. Now, I know that it isn’t that bad, but it feels that way. When there is chaos at work, and chaos outside the house, your home is something you can control.

This is when I go to pinterest to get some ideas on how to best organize my house. There are some great ideas online, on small things you can do around your house to make your house “organization central”.

  1. The Cleaning Closet

Are your cleaning products all over the house, and is it almost impossible to find the right spray bottle, when you need it? This closet organization hack is genius. You will be able to find any bathroom cleaning materials and tools you need quickly and easily, which is all we can really ask for in life! LOL!

  1. Can’t make lunch without this one

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. When I go into our food container drawer, and it is completely disorganized. I can’t find the lids that I need, and there are 100 containers with no lids. Even when you have 5 complete sets, you find all the bottoms and none of the tops. Getting organized in the kitchen needs to start with your container drawer. Love this one!

  1. Can’t sleep without this one

I am definitely going to start using this one. My parents came over the other day and were staying overnight. We needed to change the sheets on our bed so they could sleep in it, and couldn’t find a matching pair in the closet. This would have made life a lot easier. Another advantage when you do this is that you find which sheets and pillow cases don’t have partners!

4.What to wear, what to wear

Is your closet unorganized and packed full of clothes, but you still can’t find anything to wear. This is my life almost every morning. I know that I need to organize my closet, but where do I start. This chart gives me the guidelines on where to start.


  1. Waste not, Want not

It’s the end of the week, and I am cleaning out my fridge. I open a container from the back of my fridge and find the leftovers from last week that I was so looking forward to eating. What a waste. If only my fridge was better organized. I wouldn’t waste as much food. This post is going to help!

6. The Cardboard Cure

Being a responsible person, means that you do what you can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Getting organized includes all of these. Reducing waste. Reusing materials and recycling clothes and other things we aren’t using. In this post, you learn how to reuse cardboard to get better organized.

7. Get my Car Back Into My Garage

Our garage is a double car garage, but right now we can only park one car in the garage. The other side is filled with bikes, skis, tools, and I don’t know what else. It is time to get our garage organized. Here are a bunch of hacks you can use to get better organized.

8. Cords, Cords Everywhere

OK, this one is creative, and awesome. Instead of letting your cords laying around for everyone to see, hide the inside a beautiful gift box. Awesome. There a lot of great ideas on this post.( The cords idea is #30)

9. Laundry made easy

In most houses, the laundry room is one of the smallest rooms in the house. Using that space efficiently is an art. The secret is to use your space wisely, and efficiently without making it look like a mess. Check out these ideas.

10. Printables

No House Organization post is complete without mentioning printables. Being organized is about making lists and organizing spaces with labels. Why waste time designing your own if there are printables that others use that are proven to work? Try them out, and you will see how much organized your life will be.

I hope that you have found an idea or two here that you can use to organize your own life. I know that I have a project list that we will be working on this week-end. And if you have some ideas that think we should all know, please share below in comments!


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