Halloween is one of the best times of the year for a parent. The goal is to make your child look as cute and as adorable as you can. Be creative. Be fun. These parents have perfected it. And if you can’t beat them, join them. Copy their ideas. Perhaps make it better.

  1. The Jellyfish

     This is one of the best costumes I have every seen, and it is pretty easy to make. Plus, the benefit is that the lights will make your kid easy to see at night.

  2. The Unicorn

    What is cuter than a unicorn. What little girl doesn’t want to dress up like a unicorn. The secret to this winning costume is the face paint.

  3. Lego Family

    Although the whole family doesn’t need to get dressed up as lego people, it would be pretty cool. Although I don’t recommend your child going out for the evening, since the mask would not be safe, it is still a pretty fun outfit. Perhaps it would be good for a family par

  4. Lumberjack

    Okay, this one is adorable. There isn’t anything a lot cuter than a little boy dressed up as a lumberjack. With his cute little overalls. Now it doesn’t hurt that he is so darn cute.

  5. Toothfairy

    You won’t find any other kids wearing this costume at Halloween. The brush may get a little heavy through out the night, but it sure looks cute.

  6. Alvin

    I thought that Simon was my favourite chipmunk before, but after seeing this little Alvin, I’ve changed my mind. Don’t you just want to pinch his little cheeks?

  7. Porcupine

    This little porcupine is a show stealer at any Halloween party. I would risk getting poked, just to give him a little squeeze. Too adorable!

  8. Colonel Sanders

    This little guy nailed it. With the painted on beard, and white hair. The bucket of chicken is good for your hungry little halloweener.

  9. Mouse Trap

    If you have a wee little one that you will be pulling around the neighborhood, why not make your wagon a prop? This mousetrap is terrific. The mouse isn’t so bad either!

  10. ET

     ET find home! This little guy dressed up as Elliot from ET with the handlebars and ET around the neck is another winner. Some parents are just so creative.

  11. Captain Hook

    It doesn’t matter what costume your little one is wearing this Halloween, but if you think it is worth sharing, send a picture to our comments section below.

    This is an appropriate picture to end it on. Captain Hook being eaten by the alligator from Peter Pan. I know it sounds scary, but it is actually quite cute, and very creative. This one takes a little more work, but it would definitely be worth it.

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