As Halloween approaches, you are planning the scariest party you can for either children or adults. If scary is your goal, you need to put away the Halloween candy, and boring cake. These recipes will make your party the scariest! And also the most delicious. Plus, they are a lot of fun to make.

  1. Black Lemonade

    The thought of any black drink may be enough to turn your guests away from this frightening drink. But just one sip and they will not be able to get enough.

  2. Zombie Finger Cookies

    Your guests will wonder what terrible things you do in your off time with these Zombie Fingers. They look so disgustingly real, and yet they are tasty as well.

  3. Caramel Apple Slices

    If you like Caramel, you will die for these. The layers of chocolate, along with the caramel are truly heavenly (even on Halloween).

  4. Deliciously Rotten Deviled Eggs

    These treats will bring out the devil in all of us. But don’t let the green scare you away. These eggs are devilishly good.

  5. Boo-nilla Ghost Milkshakes

                                                             These milkshakes are absolutely supernatural. look boo-tiful and taste sinful.

  6. Poison Apples

    Remember when the wicked witch tricked Sleeping Beauty into eating the poisoned apple? Eat these and you too can become sleeping beauty! Just make sure your Prince Charming is close by for the kiss (not that you’ll need it).

  7. Vampire Kiss’s Cocktail

    You can’t have a really cool party without dry ice and smoke. These drinks will look so cool that you won’t want to drink them. But if you do drink them, at least your drink will be cold!

  8. Spider Web Taco

    Creepy, crawly and absolutely delicious. Just make sure that the spider in the middle is actually a prop, and not the real thing! Nothing is creepier than spiders.

  9. Savoury Pumpkin Rolls

    These buttery mouthwatering rolls in the shape of pumpkins are fun and tasty.

  10. Wonton Bats

    These bat wontons are the perfect appetizers to frighten your friends and family. They will make your guests go batty when they see how cute they are.

  11. Halloween Jalapeno Popper Halloween-Jalapeño-Mummies-short-collage-frugal-coupon-living

    These appetizers are a spicy hot treat even your Mommy can’t resist.

  12. Worms and Bugs Halloween Candy Bark Treats

    No Halloween party is complete without creepy crawly bugs and worms. Here you go. These are a sweet treat to end off the evening with. I hope your party is a true horror!

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