Christmas  is coming up. I know that we are in October, so don’t hate me for talking about Christmas. It’s just that Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year. I love driving down the road and seeing the Christmas lights on all the houses, and the look of a fresh snowfall on the ground. Christmas music on the radio and the smell of fresh Christmas baking throughout the house brings comfort to my soul. I also love the way the house looks when there is Christmas decorations in every nook and cranny around the house.

Although I like to decorate the house, I don’t like breaking the bank decorating it. The Dollar Store is my destination of choice when finding decorations, and materials to make them look like they cost alot more. I hope you find some ideas that you will want to showcase in your home this Christmas.

  1. Fishbowl Snowman

The fishbowl snowman reminds me of the snowglobes that my parents and grandparents had around their houses. We have a couple of them that we bought at vacations destinations like Niagara Falls. The kids love them. This Snowman is a really big snow globe.

Dollar Store fish bowls
Fishbowl Snowglobes

Country Living

2. Christmas Decoration Boxes

These boxes are beautiful and elegant. If you can’t find boxes that look the way you want, you can buy generic boxes and modpodge wrapping paper to the side of the box. They look expensive, and yet, are very budget friendly. Sometimes the best decoration is simple and uncomplicated. They aren’t overbearing. I love these boxes!

dollar store gift boxes
Christmas Gift Boxes

Plaid Online

3. Snowflake Doorhanger

This doorhanger is unique and eye catching, and very simple. You can make this as big or small as you want, add color, and use different textures and materials to give it the look and feel that represents you and your family.

Dollar Store snowflakes
Snowflake Door Hanger

Rae of Sparkles

4. Pine Cone Centerpiece

This Centerpiece is winter and Christmas inspired with the Pine Cones and mini lights. The glass flower vases that are used at different heights and sizes are found at dollar stores. Nothing says Christmas like Pine Cones. If you use the cinnamon scented Pine Cones, it even smells like Christmas.

Dollar Store Pine Cones
Pine Cone Centerpiece

Beautiful Wedding Days

5. Mason Jar Decoration

Mason Jars from dollar stores aren’t necessarily a Christmas ornament, but with some personal extra touches, you can make them ooze yuletide. This is one you can be extra creative with using different materials and colors.

dollar store Mason Jars
Chirstmas Mason Jars

6. Hanging Christmas Balls

These Christmas Balls wil make your house stand out from all of your neighbours this Christmas season. Christmas lights are one thing every house needs as a basic decoration. These Dollar Store Christmas Balls are next level. You can hang them on your front deck, or from a tree.

Dollar Store Christmas Balls
Christmas Balls

Smart School House

7. Christmas Mantle Ideas

Not everyone has a fireplace mantel and certainly not a white mantel. But this post shows you different ideas that you can use for your own mantel. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can make it look classic or elegeant.

Dollar Store mantel

8. Santa Brushes

How cute are these brushes. The bristles work for Santa’s beard. If you have any other bearded characters, you can paint them to look like them as well. This is a great kids craft as well. They can each paint their own brush.

dollar store brushes
Santa Brushes

Cowie’s Craft and Cooking Corner


This is a decoration that your friends and family will comment on. They are eye catching and original. You can use them in different arrangements. You can also make different sized decorations as well.

Dollar Store Decorations

The Navage Patch

10. Christmas Glasses

These Christmas glasses are only as unique as you want to make them. You want to have someone with an artistic hand and artistic skills to make these glasses beautiful. The gold and black Sharpies will make elegant glasses. You can also use red and green for other glasses.

Dollar Store glasses

Craft River

11. Camera Ball

If you have a child, than you will want this decoration! The Santa Cam let’s your children know to be at their best behaviour, because Santa is watching. All you need is a Christmas Ball and some paint. Genius!

Dollar Store Christmas Ball

Cowie’s Craft and Cooking Corner

12. Scrabble Ornament

The Scrabble Ornament is cute and easy to make. You can get extra scrabble pieces from Amazon. You can make a few different ornaments with different words. Think about using Christmas quotes, and family names. Have fun with this one.

DIY Scrabble Ornament
Scrabble Ornament

Landeesee Landeedo

13. Rustic Snowflake

This Rustic Snowflake wall decor is a festive outside decoration. The link will take you to an Etsy store to buy the product. Or it can be a DIY project with a piece of cedar that has been protected with varnish. You then use spray paint and a stencil to complete the project.

DIY snowflake decor


14. Candy Cane Topiary

Candy Canes are a special treat at Christmas time. Traditionally we put candy canes on Christmas trees. This is a unique way to display them, and makes your kitchen feel like Christmas. The only problem with this DIY is that there will be candy at your fingertips all day long! How long can you go without eating up all those candy canes!!

DIY Dollar Store Candy Cane Topiary
Candy Cane Topiary

DIY Candy

15. Candy Cane Wreath

Save a box of Candy Canes from the last craft to use on this craft. This is a sweet wreath! (Sorry about that one. LOL!) It is a simple craft, but very festive and afterwards you can eat it!!

DIY Candy Cane Wreath

Idea Stand

I love these crafts and look forward to using them in our own house. Comment on the crafts that you try, and tell us how it goes.

Merry Christmas!

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