Self Portraits

Photography is art. Self portraits are one of the most creative ways to capture a moment, or a feeling. It takes planning and practice to get it right. Sometimes, self portraits can be limited by your own ideas of what and how to take your next picture. Whether you are using props, such as mirrors, or you are simply using your timer, the self portrait can be a true work of art. Take a look at these following self portraits as motivation for your own portfolio.

Self Portrait Mirror
Self Portrait

Armen Susan Ordjanian

This 1981 picture of Armen Susan Ordjanian is a fantastic picture, with the mirror acting as a prop to reflect the photographer’s face.


Self Portrait

Carolina by Alessio Albi is another great mirror self portrait.


Self Portrait with a camera

Self Portrait
Overhead camera shot

Take a different perspective in your photos.

Mirror Picture
Mirrors on the Ceiling

Mirror photograph circa 1950

Self Portrait

I love this next picture because of the raw emotion. Quite opposite from what we are used to with most photographs.

self portrait
raw emotion
Self Portrait art
circus mirror self portrait
legs self portrait

I love self portraits where the artist gets creative with photoshop, like the following picture.

puzzle self portrait
sexy legs self portrait

Here is another creative shot with the focus on the rear view mirror framed with the photographer’s face, and the rest blurred.

rear view self portrait

Whether something is broken or not is the interpretation of the photographer and the viewer in this next self portrait. Creative and original.

broken mirror self portrait

This next self portrait is one that catches my eye when I look at it, because of what is missing.

invisible self portrait

The goal with this post is to give you ideas on creative self portraits that you can take yourself. Be creative. Try new things.



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