Are you stuck looking for that perfect Christmas gift for you Mom, Sister, Girlfriend or Wife. This list covers affordable gifts in different categories, such as jewellry, clothes, electronics, exercise equipment, and sports equipment. So whether you are looking for a stocking gift this Christmas, or to fill in the bottom of the tree, this list will help you with ideas. 


I don’t know any lady that doesn’t appreciate a little bling at Christmas or on a birthday. Whether it is a cubic zirconia or a real diamond, a new pair of earrings, or a necklace, or a ring will brighten up your look, and will make you feel good. This list is full of beatiful, shiny jewellry pieces that you are going to love to give.

    1. Hoop Earrings
    2. Pearl Stug Earrings
    3. Sterling Silver Necklace
    4. Kate Spade bracelet
    5. Chain Link Bracelet


Everybody has their own styles and preferences when it comes to clothes. What is good for you, isn’t necessarily good for me. The clothes that we are going to showcase are ones that are top rated on Amazon.

  1. Boot Cut Jeans with “Ab” Solution Technology
  2. Ladies Athletic Shirt
  3. Aolakeke Flared Dress
  4. Supersoft Lightweight Turtleneck
  5. SR Women’s Open Cardigan


Whether it is to play music when we are on the go, or to track our fitness numbers. Perhaps it is to monitor the house or keep track of our keys. There are so many cool little electronic toys that I want to get my hands on. These are the top ones on Amazon.

Exercise Equipment

The top New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, and get into better shape. If your lady is into yoga, running, weight lifting, or is simply into health and fitness, there are alot of options for products and accessories that she will be interested in. Take a look at these products that she may want for Christmas. These are Amazon’s top sellers in Fitness.

  1. SYROKAN Woman’s High Impact Sports Bra
  2. Women’s Yoga Pants
  3. Resistance Loop Bands
  4. Exercise Ball
  5. Mini Elliptical

Sports Equipment

Probably one of the most popular gifts for both men and women is Sports Equipment. Whether it is soccer ball, footballs, basketballs, hockey equipment, running shoes, helmets, etc., now is the time to replace, upgrade, or change equipment. New updated equipment is released every year in every sport. Find that perfect sports equipment here. If you don’t see what you want, search for it!

    1. Simply Fit Balancing Board
    2. Kettlebell Weights
    3. Compression Socks
    4. Folding Equipment Map
    5. Fitbit

Good luck this year with your Christmas and holiday shopping!

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