Sometimes keeping your house looking clean and smelling clean is a full time job. I feel like I’ve barely gotten my house clean before our kids have their fingerprints on the fridge, and footprints on the ground. The smudges and prints aren’t as bad as the smells that come from a teenagers bedroom though. God only knows what can smell that bad, because I am not planning on going in to find out.

1.Funky Kitchen Sinks

We have all been here. When you clean out the outdated food from the fridge. Whether it is rotten fruits and vegetables, or the chicken leftovers from a couple weeks ago. It all goes in the garbage, but the garbage isn’t full, so it doesn’t go out to the garage, and a couple days later, the kitchen starts to really stink. When the kitchen has a funky smell from cooking, or from garbage, use baking soda and water in a crockpot to clear the smell.

2. Safe Scents


Its one thing to want your room and your house to smell nice, but you don’t want to poison your family at the same time. Many of the chemicals that are in air fresheners are also toxic to your health. Here are some recipes to make your own scents that won’t harm the ones you love.

3. Fresh and Clean Toilets


You can’t keep a clean house without a clean toilet. It is by far one of the worst jobs in the house, but by using these simple hacks, your family can help you keep the toilet clean and fresh.

4. Keep your Garbage Clean

Okay, toilets stink. That’s not a secret. Garbage is just as bad. Besides keeping the gum off the bottom, and wrappers off the gum, there always seems to be a smell that won’t go away…until now!

5. Use Rice to Freshen Any Room


If there is a room in your house that needs freshening up. Perhaps the garage or basement where the sports equipment sits. Just use rice. See it here.

6. Fresh Brewed Coffee? Yes Please!


I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I love the smell of coffee when waking up in the morning. That is why coffee is an addiction for a lot of people. The smell of coffee beans hits a part of your brain that makes you salivate and need the taste of coffee NOW! Here is how you get the smell without brewing the coffee.

7. Making non smelling things smelly – the good smelly.

This idea is actually pretty cool. You depend on your candles to smell, and your cleaners to smell, but what if the bowl on your table smelled nice and freshened your room?

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These are a few ideas that we really like. If there are some fresh ideas that helps

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