Just because Thanksgiving is coming up doesn’t mean that you need to put your Paleo or Keto food plan aside for the week-end. You don’t need to give in to thick gravy that is full of wheat flour on top of mashed potatoes, and a side of corn. You don’t need to fill up on the bread based stuffing (and believe me, I know how good that tastes).

But guess what? Although you aren’t eating all that comfort food the way Grandma used to make it, you can still have the great taste. In fact, some of these recipes will actually taste better than the originals. And after dinner, you won’ have the feeling that you need to lay down on the couch and have a nap. You will feel comfortably full, and have enough energy to go for a nice walk.

Let’s get started!

Recipe#1: Simple Herb and Garlic Turkey Breast

We need to start this post list with a Turkey dish. The best thing about turkey is that it is Paleo at its’ base. The secret to a great turkey dish is to keep the moisture in the breast so that it melts in your mouth. The recipe recommends olive oil, but you can also replace that with some butter.

Herb and Garlic Turkey


Recipe #2: Easy Paleo Gravy

You can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without the gravy. Even if your turkey is dripping moist, gravy is the sidekick. This gravy is made of good paleo based ingredients like turkey drippings and chicken stock. The way this gravy is made, it will will be pretty thin, because there isn’t any flour. So I am going to recommend that you thicken it up with flour. No! Not wheat flour! Coconut Flour!!! It will thicken the gravy without the lumps. And the slight coconut taste, complements the gravy.


Recipe #3: Flavorful Sweet Potato and Pork Stuffing

This stuffing is full of flavor, and different tastes. It is literally a carnival in your mouth. You get the strong taste of the pork, with the sweet taste of the sweet potatoes. The pears and cranberries complement the walnuts. Every fork full will be unique, but delicious!

Paleo Stuffing


Recipe#4: Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Praline Topping

You don’t want to have too much of this because of the natural sugars that are found in the maple syrup, but I tell you this will be a definite hit. Pecans and praline!? Are you kidding me? This could be dessert! Again, have some..love it…savour it…but not too much!

Sweet Potato with Pecan and Pralines


Recipe #5: Cinnamon Butter Baked Carrots

The beauty of this recipe is that it is a recipe that I would have never put together. I have put brown sugar (non-paleo) on carrots, and I have put maple syrup on carrots. I have never put cinnamon on carrots, and I love cinnamon. With the carrots dripping in scrumptous butter, and topped off with cinnamon, this one is going to be popular. You may want to serve yourself first!

Cinnamon Butter Carrots


Recipe#6: Sausage and Cranberry Stuffed Mushrooms with Sage

This is one of those dishes that you can use as an appetizer, before you serve the main dish, in an effort to keep the big boys away from your turkey and fixings. Or, you can actually make it a side dish beside the turkey. If you love mushrooms, you are going to love this dish.

Mushroom Caps


Recipe#7: Roasted Brussel Sprouts Bacon Apples

Now, I know that not everyone loves brussel sprouts. My kids don’t love brussel sprouts. But let’s be honest, as long as bacon is part of the recipe, how bad could it be. Truth is, I love brussel sprouts more than any other vegetable. Especially when it is smothered in butter. Bacon and apples will just make the recipe that much more delicious. And of course, this recipe includes maple syrup (which you can omit to make it healthier, but for some, the maple syrup will be the reason they eat it). Love this recipe!

Brussel Sprouts, Apple and BACON!


Recipe#8: Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Stuffed Acorn Squash

Here is another one of those recipes that certainly aren’t a classic Thanksgiving recipe. Yet, it is one that will make the meal memorable for your family and guests. Especially if they are a pepper fan like our daughter Olivia. The pepper acts like an edible bowl for all the delicious fillings inside. Even after Thanksgiving, this is one of those leftovers that can be eaten by itself. Enjoy!

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Recipe #9: Leftover Recipe #1 – Turkey Cobb Salad

I love leftovers for a couple reasons. First reason is that turkey is as good the next day, as it was on Thanksgiving day. Second is that lunch for the next few days is taken care of, if you know what I mean. Who else hates making lunches? The Cobb Salad is such a great salad to eat, and by adding leftover turkey, you can’t miss.

Turkey Cobb Salad


Recipe#10: Leftover Recipe #2 – Butternut Squash and Turkey Chili

November means the start of cold weather and maybe snow. November also means football season is going strong. Nothing goes better with football and cold days than a piping hot bowl of chili. Chili with turkey as the base is perfect for those next couple of College football or NFL Sundays. (Go Broncos! Go Notre Dame!)

Butternut Squash Chili


Recipe#11 : Leftover Recipe#3 – Turkey Sweet Potato Recipe

Everybody knows that leftover Turkey is good for lunch, and really good for dinner. Here we have a leftover recipe that can be used for breakfast. I always loved going to the local breakfast restaurants and ordering a skillet filled with eggs, bacon, potatoes and onions. This reminds me of those recipes, but alot healthier. It’s nice when you can start your morning with a great tasting, filling, healthy breakfast. Good Morning!!

Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet


These are some great recipes. Check out the recipes listed and there are probably a few more recipes that you will like on the pages that we have linked to. If there is a recipe that you try from our list that you think works or not, please comment below. We love to hear your opinions. Happy Thanksgiving!

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