I have a really good camera that I bought a few years ago. It was one of those purchases, that I thought if I had a good camera, that I would take some cool, artsy pictures of the kids, or the sunsets and beaches. But what I found was that I was primarily using the automatic setting and my pictures didn’t look any better than what I could do with my cellphone. Like anything, having the tool wasn’t enough, I needed to learn how to get the most out of my camera with lessons and practice. Here are 9 tips for you on how to go from a newbie to a pro.
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  1. Picking your camera

Here are some great tips on which camera to start with, and also some tips on how to start using your camera. For the age old discussion of Nikon vs Canon, this post will give you some things to think about. The most important factor when choosing a camera is to find a camera that you will actually use!

Desitnation Decoration


  1. Getting started with your new camera

This is a great guide that helps you to get comfortable with your camera out of the box. It helps you get shooting in different lights and different landscapes. Click on the picture below.

Digital Photography School

  1. Choosing a lens

Choosing accessories for your camera are decisions that are just as important as the camera itself. The first decision to make is which lenses you want and need. Is the subject close or far?


  1. What do the numbers on the lens mean?

You need to get comfortable with your lenses, like you do your cameras. Understanding the numbers on the sides of the lens will help you to make sure you have the right lens for the job.

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  1. Using filters

Many beautiful pictures that you see are a result of the filters that you use with your camera. Depending on the effect that you are looking for, the filter will alter the view from the camera. Therefore you will be able to get you that perfect shot. Be creative with your lenses to get the picture you want.

Expert Photography


  1. Choosing your photography software

After the pictures are taken and you are reviewing your photos, there may be some changes that you still want to make. Perhaps it is to lighten the photo, or remove shadows, or even to get rid of the dreaded “red eyes”.  Because many of the pictures you see online have been changed with some sort of software. That’s where photography software comes in. But how do you pick the right software?

Discover Digital Photography

  1. Photography Gear

This list isn’t an exhaustive list. Therefore you may want to investigate camera bags, tripods, other lenses, and different cameras. Check out this pinterest board that covers more photography gear:




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