Just because you had children doesn’t mean that your travelling bug needs to take a back seat. Our children are no longer toddlers, at 12, 10 and 8, but a few years ago when they were much younger, we would take them with us by planes, trains and automobiles on our adventures. The first secret is to plan out your vacations and to be prepared.

  1. Packing List

You need a packing list, so use one that is proven and then change it as you travel. No list will be perfect for every family. The only way to get your perfect list is with experience.

Don’t be a Sherpa, but be prepared. If you are flying or taking a train, your storage space is much less than if you are driving somewhere, so you need to pack enough in your carry on to be prepared for the trip, but not too much that you need to bring a Sherpa and a mule to carry it. Start here.

2. My ears hurt!

I remember on our first flight with our first toddler, and she was sleeping on take off. She was being fussy, so having her asleep was a blessing. The stewardess comes by and tells us that we need to wake her, so that her ears can adjust to the change in altitude. As you may have heard, you don’t wake a sleeping baby. We woke her, and she cried for the next hour. We became “that family”. If I had known this hack, I could have helped her ears adjust while she slept.

3. I’m hungry!

This tip is meant to save your pocket book as well as your sanity. We know what kids are like when they are hungry. They get irritated and irrational. (when I think about it, that sounds like everyone when they are hungry). Sometimes it is difficult to know which snack your kids are going to want at a certain time. With this tip, you will be prepared.

4. Sponge Bob! Sponge Bob!

I know that “experts” say that your children shouldn’t be using tablets and electronics until they are 3 or 4 years old, (and some say older), but as a parent who has been there and done that, the screen on your phone can be the best distraction when you are on a long flight. I love this hack, because at the end of the flight, you know where to find your phone!

5. Kids with a Magnetic Personality

Any activity that can keeps kids distracted and engaged for over 30 minutes is a winner in my books, and magnets have always done that. Whether it is for teaching the kids their numbers and letters, or just letting them be creative.

6. See the World (And Stick Stuff at the Same Time)

This activity is similar to the magnets, but different enough that it can be an added distraction when the magnets lose their interest. The only thing is that you need to be in a window seat. I don’t think the businessman beside you will appreciate a toddler on his lap during the flight while he is preparing for his business meeting J. The bonus of this activity is that during the day, your child will be able to see the clouds, oceans, lakes, rivers and land go by below the plane, while they are playing. So dust off your passports, and plan your next getaway. Perhaps to Disney!

7. Toddler Busy Bag

Toddler Busy Bag

The Toddler Busy Bag is full of different activities to keep your toddler busy on the plane. We both know that kids get bored with one activity pretty quickly. if you have 12 activities instead 2, you have a better chance of keeping them occupied for the entire trip.

I hope you found some ideas for your next trip. If there are other ideas that you want to share, please comment below.


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