When you first meet a man, there are a few things that you are going to look at to judge whether you like them or not. In the first 5 seconds you are going to judge him. It doesn’t take much to look stylish, accomplished and successful. The accessories that he wears can bring the clothes together and complete the look. Here are 10 things you can start with.

  1. What time is it?

Most of us use our phone to check the time, because we have it in our hands most of the time anyway. But a stylish watch is classic and a must have. There are different brands and styles depending on your budget. There is also different functionality. But it is my belief that you shouldn’t risk giving up style for any functionality.

  1. Life’s so bright

When it comes to stepping out during the day, you need to make sure your shades filter out those harsh rays from the sun, but also that they look cool and sharp. Ray bans are classic, and they look good on the beach and at the office.

  1. Chains around my neck

You need to have a few different chains to complete your ensemble. Depending on where you are going, and what you are doing, and the statement that you are trying to make you look good with a nice chain, either long or short, with or without a charm.

  1. Wrist Accessories

Bracelets can make a statement. Some use magnetic bracelts for health. Others use rubber bracelets to support charities and causes. The bracelets that you should wear should be original to you, stylish and eye catching. They could be metal, rope, leather, or whatever you find.

  1. Belt it Outta Here

    The belt does a lot more than hold up your pants. It completes the outfit. You need to consider the color of the belt and what it is made of. The buckle will make or break your look.

  1. Cuff links

When you put in the effort to get dressed, and put on your best suit to either go to work or go out for the evening, it is the little details that are going to make the difference. In this case, it’s the cuff links that bring it all together.

  1. Shoes

There is a reason why the army makes sure that the soldiers spit shine their shoes. They say that it’s the shoe that make the man. Many women have hundreds of pairs of shoes for their many outfits. Why now men? Have a few pairs of really nice shoes. Make yourself the man you want to be.

  1. Ring it in

Believe me when I say that women notice rings. Whether it is a wedding ring, to make sure if a guys is available. Perhaps it is a stylish ring that just looks good, and makes a statement about who this guy is. Wear some rings to be different and stand out.

When you look good, you feel good, and what is better than when a man is put together. That means more than just a nice hair cut (although that helps). The accessories are the finishing touches, and when put together just right, there is nothing better.

We would like to hear your comments about what works and what doesn’t.


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