If your home is like ours, we spend the majority of the Spring, Summer and Fall in our backyard. Either relaxing, reading a book, working, celebrating, playing, living. The places that you spend all of your downtime should be your own oasis. Here are some DIY Backyard Improvement ideas on how to make your backyard your own personal getaway.

  1. Easy DIY Firepit

So many memories are built around a fireplace. Roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, singing songs, telling stories. The fire pit is a must have for every backyard. If you are looking to build a permanent fireplace, this design is stylish and simple.

2. How to Build a Pallet Daybed

A daybed for the backyard is the perfect place to sit back and read a novel on a summer day. Why not reuse, by using wooden pallets as the base for the construction of your bed. After you are done, grab a good book, a glass of wine, and just lay back and relax.

3. Another Pallet Daybed design

Here is another great Pallet daybed design that you may like better. Each person has their own preference for what they want their backyard to look like. As they say, “Variety is the Spice of Life”. Well here is a little variety with another daybed with a different design.

4. How to Build a Wood Deck Cooler

Cold drinks are a must when you are entertaining people in your backyard. So why not use this stylish cooler that is practical and looks good. I love the look of this cooler with the distressed wood, and different colors.

5. Pallet Swing Bed

What would be more comfortable than this Pallet Swing Bed. It’s like a hammock, with a comfy bed instead. Imagine a summer day, with the wind whistling by. You are enjoying the sound of wind through the trees, your eyes are closed, and you are simply swaying back and forth. Heavenly!

6. Outdoor Light Poles

This is an idea that we really like. You see, we have a big beautiful maple tree that overhangs our back deck. There wasn’t a clear way to hang the lights. These light poles are the exact solution that we were looking for.

7. Faux Fire

There is nothing better than a real fire in a fireplace, but this faux fire is a close second. Perhaps it is a warm night and a fire doesn’t make sense. Or you want the ambiance without the work of a real fire. This will certainly do the job.

8. Cement Cobblestone Path

The contrast of grass, rock, stones and cement can transform a small and otherwise boring backyard into a work of art. This cement cobblestone path can be one of those elements that can beautify your backyard.

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