For gardeners, playing in dirt and manipulating nature to grow the hardiest, healthiest and most vibrant and productive plants is pure heaven. There is nothing better. But the final plant is simply the end result of days working and playing. Ensuring the plants are getting the sun, water and nutirents that the plants need and love. Every gardener is looking for secrets that will help their plants grow healthier. Here are 12 hacks for your garden.

  1. Create a mini-greenhouse using a 2L pop bottle

This is a simple hack to help young plants grow by cutting the bottom off the 2L plastic bottle and placing the bottle over top of the plant. The bottle will create heat that will help the plants grow, the same way that a green house works. When the plants are outgrowing the bottle, you can take the bottle off, and let the plant grow.

  1. Eggshells used as a calcium fertilizer to your plants

Crushed, and grinded eggshells in the soil of plants will help provide calcium to the plants. Calcium is a fertilizer that helps build the walls of the plant to make them hardy and strong. One perk is that egg shells deter deer, but on the other hand they may attract rodents.


  1. How to Lay Your Veggie Garden For A Higher Yield

The way you lay out your vegetable garden will help you to get a higher yield from your vegetable plants. This is a simple hack that will generate more tomatoes and cucumbers.

  1. 7 Hacks to Starting seeds (Indoors)

Before your plants ever get into your garden, you need to start your seeds. If you start them indoors, you have more control and can ensure that more of the seeds become healthy and provide a good yield.

  1. 12 Ways Vinegar Will Save Your Garden

Whether it is to keep your pots clean, or killing weeds, or deterring animals, vinegar may be your next favourite gardening tool.

6. 14 Banana Peel Uses In The Garden You Should Know About

Banana Peels provide rich nutrients to the soil and promote vigorous growth. They deter aphids and fertilize tomato plants. Maybe after reading this, you will save your banana peels to feed your garden.

  1. How to Eradicate Weeds from Overtaking Your Garden

One of the biggest headaches of any gardener is weeds. How would you like to stop those little useless plants from growing in your garden? Can I get a Hell, Ya!?

  1. How to Make Natural Pesticides for Your Plants

Keeping weeds and bugs away from your plants is the biggest battle for gardeners. Using pesticides is a necessary evil for most. But what if you could find natural alternatives that could do the job as well as the pesticides?

For you green thumbs out there, we hope we shared an idea that you will use in your garden, and we hope that it helps you grow better gardens to feed your family and friends. Please comment below if you have an idea that works for you.


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