Inspiration comes from so many places. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere at the same time. Each photographer finds their own inspiration in different places and things.

As an artist, you can see a person, a place or a thing and through your minds eye, you can see a piece of art where others only see an object. By bending and controlling light using lenses and appertures, filters and shadows you create a beautiful work of art.

These pinterest boards are some of the most inspiring that I have found on Pinterest. I know there are many more than I have highlighted here, and many you have seen already. Perhaps I will share one of two that you haven’t seen that will inspire your next picture or your next project.

1. 121 Clicks – Art of Photography

121 Clicks is “A World Class Portal Dedicated for Arts & Photography”. They use articles, interviews and photo stories to inspire and teach other photographers to challenge themselves and become better. There are so many beautiful and striking photos for you to look at.

The board “Art of Photograph” has over 2000 posts showcasing the very best photographs from 121 Clicks website. You definitely need to follow this board.

121 Clicks

121 Clicks

2. Jeremy Cowart

His mission is to explore the interesection between creativity and empathy. Each of his subjects is a different person, with their own story, their own dreams and their own lives. Jeremy uses his camera to tell their story, and help others see these subjects as Jeremy does.

Jeremy takes pictures of celebrities and groups, and is popular because he captures the essence and true being of each of his subjects. The names of his subjects, you will recognize. De Niro, Washington, DeCaprio, Portman, Watson, Hopkins, Jolie, and many more. Many take pictures, but Jeremy specializes in portraits.

Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart

3. Photo Josh

Photo Josh uses his website and pinterest account to teach other photographers the art of their trade, or hobby, to help the become better photographers. He is a self learner, and over time has become a very good photographer. Anything he has learned, he now shares with others in the hope that he can help other newbies become better, and maybe teach a trick or two to some of the more experienced amongst us.

Photo Josh

Expert Photography

4. Tara Price Photography

Tara takes photos of babies, families, seniors in highschool, and girlfriends & wives. She is more than just a photographer. Her eye, and her touch are beyond gifted. She taught herself, and is now an inspiration to others on how to capture the true person with her camera as her. Her photos are gifts that capture a moment in time that can be enjoyed for decades.

5. Photodoto

Photodoto’s blog is based on the premise and belief that photography is for everyone. In fact, if you are new to photography, this resource is invaluable to you. It is full of tips, ebooks, resources, guides, and courses that will give you all the knowledge and the confidence to become a professional and gifted photographer. They cover everything from techniques and skills to gear and software. It also goes past photos, into videos. It is a fabulous resource. Photodoto has hundreds of contributors that share their photos, expertise and knowledge with the followers.


6. photofocus

“education and inspiration for storytellers”

This is what you are looking for. Education and inspiration. This website includes absolutely everything you need to become successful as a photographer. Whether it is for hobby or business, they are there to help. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a portrait photographer, or if you want to take pictures of scenery, this site will be your guide. There are articles and podcasts. There are videos and stories. They showcase different photographers work. You could go through this website for hours a day and never get through it. Learn, and use what you learn to make magic!



7. Strobist

Strobist is the world’s most popular resource for photographers who want to learn to use their flashes like a pro

A photograph is the result of using light to change what is captured so that the end result becomes what you want to create. Using light to change your picture is both an art and a science. When you become an expert with light, the camera becomes more like a magic wand, capable of delivering true inspiration. If you are wanting to learn about light, strobist is the resource online to learn these skills, ask questions and master your art.



8. everythingeverywhere

Gary is a self taught travel photographer who sold his home in 2007, and for the last 10 years, he has been travelling the world, taking photos. He has travelled 7 continents and over 180 countries and territories. He was named Photographer of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association.

His travel photos will take you around the world, to different places, thousands of miles away from where you are. Each photo is a piece of art. Each picture triggers a different emotion and feeling. It’s amazing what Gary has done these last 10 years, but more amazing is that he has shared it with us all.

If you want to do Travel Photography, let Gary be your guide.

Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere

A camera is as good as a paintbrush when creating art. Your skill at creating the picture you want comes with knowledge and practice. Use the resources in this post to teach yourself. Make mistakes, because sometimes the mistakes make the truly unique pictures that can’t be duplicated.

Just promise me, that when you take pictures that you will share them on pinterest. I would love to see them! Share other photography resources by commenting below.

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