Crossfit is the biggest trend in fitness today. There are Crossfit boxes popping up everywhere, and instagram is full of beautiful, buff, ripped guys and girls praising Crossfit for their new bodies and attitudes. Overweight people are working hard and transforming their bodies to look like Greek Gods and Godesses.

They are working hard and loving every minute of it. Well, perhaps not every minute. Not when they are out of energy and strength and have 20 more burpees to do. Not then. But after they are finished and they have achieved success. After they have achieved a new personal record in their Overhead Press, or they have completed their 1st muscle up. After they have found the 100th way to step out of their comfort zone and reach that next level of success. That is when they are loving every minute of it.

When they look in the mirror and can see muscles that they didn’t know they had, because they have never seen them before. That’s when they are thankful for that first day when they walked into a Crossfit box and started a lifelong journey into fitness and health.

The Unsung Heroes of Crossfit

The unsung heroes in this quest for striations are the Crossfit gym owners and coaches who have been there and done that. Some of them have coached athletes, or they themselves are athletes that have competed in the Crossfit Games at either a Regional level, or all the way to the Crossfit Games.

Perhaps they haven’t been to a Crossfit Games, but they have coached someone to lose 50 lbs, become more lean, have more flexibility, and just feel better in their clothes. These heroes that have taken courses on proper lifting technique and healthy nutrition. They share their own knowledge and they push their clients to do more and to be more. There is a hero like this in almost every town in North America.

Who does Crossfit?

Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, students and CEOs. There are members from every demographic group, religious group, and occupation that are gravitating to Crossfit. It becomes their obsession, and their focus. People who wouldn’t normally be associated with each other, are becoming partners in their quest for peak physical conditioning. They are putting their differences aside and are working together. They are motivating each other and pushing each other to do more. More reps, more steps, more weight, just more.

There are so many experts and contributors on the web. Here are 9 contributors that I enjoy reading, and learning from. Take a look, and enjoy all of the crossfit goodness.

  1. The Crossfit Journal

    medicine balls

The Official Crossfit blog that every Crossfit enthusiast must follow is the Crossfit Journal which is an extensive blog filled with instructions, workouts, motivational articles and pictures and videos. It also has competition results and technique tips and podcasts. There is also Coaching and Certification. Anything you want to learn about Crossfit is on this blog. This blog is free, and is THE Resource to read.

2. Mobility WOD

mobility WOD

Kelly Starrett runs this blog out of San Francisco. He one of the first 30 Crossfit boxes in the world, and is a leading expert. He works with celebrities such as MMA Star Georges St-Pierre, actor Jason Statham, writer Tim Ferris, Olympian Erin Cafaro, amongst others.

The website MobilityWOD has a goal to become the ultimate guide to eliminating pain, preventing injury and maximizing athletic performance. They have a training program to help coaches and athletes achieve these goals. One of the resources that you should look at is their library of videos showing proper technique for every exercise and movement. Mobility WOD is a subscription program, but at $10/mth is very affordable.

3. Barbell Shrugged

Barbell Shrugged

This is one of the best blogs to read to learn the basics of Crossfit. Whether it is learning techniques and tips from some of the strongest and most accomplished Weight Lifters in the World. The site is full of video sand articles. It also provides Programming, Coaching, Guidance, Technique, Great Habits, Accountability and Community.

4. Catalyst Athletics

Catalyst Athletics

Catalyst Athletics has one of the most extensive libraries for Weight Lifting techniques and tips. It has articles, podcasts, programs, and seminars. If there is anything you need or want to know about Olympic Weight Lifting, this is the place to go.

The author for Catalyst Athletics is Greg Everett, who among many, many other things is a national-level competitive weightlifter, masters national champion, and masters American record holder in the clean and jerk. The information he and his team provides in this website is high quality because they don’t release anything unless it fits that standard. Check it out!

5. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle isn’t just another fitness website. Not that any of these are just another fitness website. There are quite a few articles on Women and Weightlifting, and what older women can do to fight the aging process, and how weightlifting can help. The articles are written by various coaches. In fact there is a link where those coaches that are qualified, can submit articles for the Breaking Muscle followers. It is a true collaborative approach to writing a blog and website.

The videos include Challenges, which you can participate in. There is also nutrition articles. As we know, a big part of getting healthy is eating right. They share studies and information, as well as recipes. There is so much information, that you would have to quit your job to get through it all. Go see the experts at Breaking Muscle.

6. The Rx Review

Rx Review

This website is filled with articles from many different subjects, all pertaining to Crossfit. The unique part of this website is the product reviews. From supplements, to apps, to products that will help you to train better, recover better and perform better. Michael McCoy is the founder, but there are many authors contributing to the website. If you are a fan of the Crossfit Games, this website will give you updates on many of the competitions.

7. Mentality WOD

Mentality WOD

Dawn Fletcher is the founder of Mentality WOD. She has experience helping thousand of individuals reach their fitness and Crossfit goals. She has been named 1 of 30 Most Influential Health Bloggers. Beyond her coaching certifications, she also has her Masters of Kinesiology with a focus in Sports Psychology.

Anybody who has done Crossfit knows the benefit of a strong mind. We have all been at the point that we are ready to give up, the pain of your muscles is unbearable, yet with some encouragement from our coach, or peers, we continue to hit our PR. Many times, when we fail, it is more of a mental issue then physical.

By strengthening your mind, you will become stronger and you will learn to persevere. Dawn has a proven program that will help you strengthen your mental toughness. It will help you get out of a mental rut. It will also help you to perform at your best. To be an accomplished athlete you need to work out your mind and your body.

8. The WODcast Podcast

WODcast podcast

The WODcast Podcast is an entertaining podcast covering all things Crossfit. There are over 300 episodes from the last 6 years with interviews of specialists, indsutry news and exercise tips. They interview Crossfit Games athletes and other specialists. This is a great resource to use in your vehicle, or while you are going through your day.

9. Tabata Times

Tabata Times

The Tabata Times is a news based blog with Crossfit at its’ core. The articles cover many things, including simple tips on how to accomplish Crossfit exercises. The articles have wide ranging subjects, that are interesting to read. Take some time to review the articles. Enjoy!

These blogs are full of Crossfit articles and information that will make you an expert in Crossfit. If there are articles that you have read, either in these blogs or others not listed, that you have found helpful in your quest for knowledge, please share in the comments below, so we can all learn together.


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