The great thing about Pinterest is that you can take advantage of other people’s creativity. Where my brain doesn’t have creativity in some situations, for other’s it is their superpower. So if I can use someone else’s superpower for my own benefit, I’m going to do just that. Here are 9 Ikea hacks that I am going to share that do just that. Here you go….

1. From Magazine Holder to potato storage

When I pop into Ikea and I see these magazine storage pieces, that is all I see. I don’t see a great place to keep my potatoes and onions or garlic fresh and handy. But that is what someone else saw, and now you know.

2. Plain table to “Discussion Piece”

I’ve seen this table in a lot of college students dorms and rooms. But by just taking a piece of wood and screwing it to the table changes the whole look and feel of this table. It turns it into an original piece of furniture with a warmer feel. Love it.

3. Bed bottom to hanging wall feature

Okay, this one actually makes me mad. I love the idea, but the reason I am mad is that I just threw away an Ikea bed with this bottom in the last month, before I saw the picture. Genius idea!

4. Bookcase to Mud Room

This one, I am going to try myself in our own mudroom. Great storage for hats, mitts, soccer and baseball equipment, shoes and boots. Looks wonderful and is inexpensive to build. (wonderful and inexpensive are my favourite projects).

5. Bag holder to gift wrapping roll holder

This one is simple but it is awesome. The bag holder can also be used to keep your wrapping paper organized, safe and out of the way.

6. Handle to Hanger

Use these drawer handles as a hangers in your closet to hold your shirts, pants, whatever you need to hang.

7. Transform the table

Similar to #2, by adding a wood top to this basic Ikea coffee table, you make a beautiful coffee table that anyone would want in their house. The hack is simple, but effective.

8. Spice Racks as the Ultimate Ikea Hack

These Ikea spice racks can be used to organize almost anything, including spices. Let your imagination take you away with this one. We’ve seen them organize books, magazines, nail polish, toiletries, anything that can fit in the spice rack.

9. College shelf

This one is amazing. From a magazine holder to a corner shelf to hold whatever. Paint it or stain it to match the room. Perfect if you have a small space, or small room and need another shelf or table, but don’t have the room.

There is so much more at ikea than meets the eye! Be as creative as you can be. When you see a product, ask yourself, “how else can this be used?”. I believe that creativity is like a muscle. If you aren’t using it, it is tough to lift anything. The more you exercise, the stronger your muscles will get. Same with creativity. Use that muscle more and you will become better at it.

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If you have some Ikea hacks that you have used, leave a comment to share.

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