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Have you heard of Abby Lawson and her killer blogging course Building a Framework? If not, you are in luck. When we first got started on our blog, we were bright eyed and bushy tailed, and we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We just knew that if we could write some posts on subjects we enjoyed, and make some money, that it doesn’t get any better than that. We were pretty good with computers. How difficult could it be to start up our own blog?

Well, let me tell you. There were some days that we spent the whole day just working on our theme so that the headings would end up where we wanted them. A whole day!! When we started, we learned how to do most things via trial and error. That was before we decided to buy our first course. Right now, I can’t recall how we found the course. It was probably from one of the hundred blogs we were reading on how to get started blogging.

We were so happy to find a resource that had 80% of the information that we needed to get our blog to where we wanted it. The course is called Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook by Abby Lawson. Abby started a blog called Just a Girl and Her Blog and it is focused on crafty tutorials, printables, home improvement DIYs and a lot of organizational tips and ways to make your life simpler.

It is a wonderful blog. And it is also not only Abby’s full time job, but also her husband Don’s full time job. In their last income report posted on their website from December 2016, they made over $40,000 in that one month. Their blog was only 3 years old at that time. Building a Framework was written after Abby’s incredibly successful first year of blogging.

Obviously we wanted to learn how to get started from those bloggers before us that are successful. Abby and Don are one of the more successful bloggers, so why not learn from them. They made some mistakes when they first started their blog, and it is cheaper and easier if you can learn from others’ mistakes.

Abby’s course is made up of a book and videos laid out in a logical sequence. The style of the book is conversational, which makes it easy and fun to read. Each part of the course is comprehensive and walks you through the steps. Abby includes screenshots and videos to help explain different steps, ideas and concepts. And she summarizes the chapters at the end, and leaves us with takeaways.

This is a resource designed for the new blogger just starting out. It helps you with:

  • Picking a name for your blog. She explains why she would have chosen a different name for her blog, now that it has become a successful business.
  • How to choose a platform to host your blog (see bluehost here).
  • She gets into the plugins she uses and why she uses them.

Once your blog is up and running, she explains

  • how to generate content
  • how to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing
  • pitching ideas to brands associated with your niche
  • how to develop a media kit, and
  • why your “About Me” page is so important.
  • and much more.

Abby also discusses how important developing relationships with other bloggers has been with her success and her journey. She also goes into teaching about using social media and how to leverage the different platforms to generate views on your own blog.

Now that we’ve been blogging for a few months, we find Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook  continues to be a valuable resource to return to. We are in a much different place than we were just a few months ago. We have experience with the ups and downs of blogging. Don’t get me wrong, we are still newbies, but we are reading the book and watching the videos with a different perspective, and getting different things out of it.

We focused on generating views for the first few months, and now we are focusing on affiliate marketing. Abby’s course is giving us the base knowledge that we need to generate our first few sales through affiliate marketing. Building a Framework has saved us so much time and frustration, by giving us all the answers we need in a comprehensive course that is easy to read and easy to follow. If you are just getting started, or are serious about monetizing the blog you already have, this course is worth at least 10 times what she is asking.

Buy now and get the update options for free. When you buy the current version of the course, you also get any updated versions with new material and videos in the future.

I promise you it is worth every dollar. But if things are that tight for you right now, and you want to learn from Abby and Don, I recommend you sign up for their free email course, The 10 Day Blogging Quickstart. We started with this course and eventually upgraded to Building a Framework. It doesn’t have the 178 page book and all the videos of Building a Framework, but it does provide you with ideas and resources to get started. But even if it is a stretch, go with Building a Framework, and get started on your blog.

If you don’t start now, a year later you will probably be in the same place you are now. If you buy the course and start your blog today, imagine where you could be a year from now!


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