Valentines Day is one of my favourite days of the year. I know it is a holiday that is mostly commercial and was designed by jewellry stores to sell more diamonds. But even though I know that, it is the whole idea of one day that is centered around love and relationships, and expressing our love for each other. We should express our feeling every day, but as life gets busy with work and kids, it is usually our partner that suffers. We don’t reach out to each other as much as we used to.

Valentines Day
Valentines Day Decorations

That is why date nights are important. Scheduling time to re-connect and talk about things that are important. Without scheduling those days, weeks can go by, and we wouldn’t have even sat down together for a meal. Valentines Day is a day for us to spoil each other with gifts, dinner, chocolates, and most important of all, time. Time to talk, time to hug, touch and kiss. Time to connect.

Valentines Day is like other holidays in that you can decorate your home to help get everyone into the mood. You can stretch out the holiday from a day to a week if you want, by decorating your house with decorations throughout the house. Pinterest is great to find decoaration ideas for you own house to make it look beautiful and filled with love. Here are some of our favourites

Valentines Day Vase.

This Valentines Day Vase is easy to make and is elegant and eye catching. It can be the center piece at your dinner room table, or on a table. Enjoy

Valentines Day Vase
Valentines Day Vase

Darning Diva

The Valentines Day Dollar Store Frame

Some of the best decorations are the most simple. Find an elegant frame and instead of a picture, simply put decorative Valentines Day wrapping paper on a piece of cardboard and put it in the frame. Put a nice candle beside the frame and a vase with either flower petals, or red glass for effect.

Dollar Store Valentines Frame
Dollar Store Valentines Frame

Saved by Love Creations

Valentines Garland Oozing with Kisses

I love that Haley at Life Is Sweet called this a galrand oozing with kisses, sweet memories and a little romance. It really is a simple craft that can be personalized to include your own pictures and your own memories.

Valentines Day Craft
Valentines Photo Garland

Life is Sweet

Sweetart Banner

Who doesn’t remember eating sweetarts as a child, and giving specific hearts to your friends and crushes with messages like “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, and “Call Me”. This banner is the perfect Valentines Day decoration. You can be creative with your messages too.

Valentines Day DIY
Valentines Day Craft

Sandy Toes and Popsicles

DIY Paper Heart Chandelier

This is another simple and easy craft with a great effect that will great in your house. You can get creative by using different colors and shapes and lengths of string. Kids love making this craft as well.


Valentines Day DIY
Valentines Day Craft

Inspired to Share

Arrow DIY

This Arrow DIY love quote is a beautiful piece of art that you can keep up all year long, not just at Valentines Day. Get your creative juices flowing, and come up with your own messages. The arrow is a symbol of love, because of the bow and arrow that Cupid uses. Love this one.

Valentines Day DIY
Valentines Day Craft

DIY Candy

Pallet Heart

The pallet heart is a beautiful piece of art. Pallets have become invaluable resources for furniture and also for art. This is a wonderful piece. You can follow the link to an Etsy store to buy, but it would be easy to make yourself. Cut the shape, and paint it.

Valentines Day DIY
Valentines Day Craft

1001 Pallets

Valentines Day Tree

If you love Christmas like we do, you probably hate taking down your Christmas trees. It would make you feel better putting away your Christmas trees, if you could put up your Valentines Day tree right after. You can fill your white Valentines Day tree with love and heart decorations.

Valentines Day Craft
Valentines Day Tree


Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

These mason jars are beautiful pieces of art that you can show in your house all year long, but especially at Valentines Day. You can fill the jars with beautiful flowers, or they are beautiful on their own.

Valentines Day DIY
Valentines Day decorations


Valentines Candy Tree

These Valentine Candy trees are beautiful and tasty. You can add which ever candies you prefer, sweetarts, cinnamon hearts, gum drops, whatever you want. Now, if you have a sweet tooth like me, it is dangerous to have them around the house. But they do look beautiful and sweet.

Valentines Day Candy
Valentines DIY

Amanda Jane Brown

By making Valentines Day an event, rather than just one day, you can take all the love and caring and extend it. Sharing your love for an entire week.

Please comment below if there are any crafts or special things that you do at Valentines Day that make it your own tradition.

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