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So this was my second month blogging, and we can say that we definitely learned some lessons. You can read our first Income Report here.

Our first income report outlines how we got started, and outlines many of the tools that we used to start our blog. It is a good place to start if you haven’t started your blog yet.

Blogging Income Report
Blogging Lessons Learned

Why Income Reports

The reason that we are posting our income reports is to give back to the community that helped us to launch our own blog. Certainly, we are not yet at the level we want to be, but the amount of work that we’ve done and the lessons that we’ve learne we know will be the base for a successful blog in the future. Before we started our blog, there were a couple of posts that we read that motivated us to get started. We didn’t realize how much work a blog is when we started, but perhaps that’s a good thing. Maybe we wouldn’t have got started. But the message in those posts helped us to get started, and in the future we hope to be that same motivation for other bloggers.

In a year or two from now, our goal is for Waves & Sunsets to be providing a full-time income. In the next year or two, we are going to learn more and more. These income reports will be our personal journal about the good and the bad. What we did right and what we would have done differently.

Control Your Activity

That is an important lesson that we have learned early on is that you cannot control the results that you receive. As long as we control what we can control, do the right things and document everything, we will learn from our mistakes, and hopefully, not make them again. November was the first month that we monetized our blog. Our focus in November was to get as many views as we could. Our only source of income was from ad revenue, from Google AdSense.

We started by focusing on writing alot of posts in October. We put up over 30 blog posts and generated 4 – 5 pins for each of those posts. Google and Pinterest really likes when you put up new material and posts. We learned this the hard way. Because in December we focused less on new posts, and more on pinning on Pinterest. Very quickly our Pinterest activity and our views declined from our November highs. In December, we only posted 7 posts, and 4 of them were in the last week of the year.

Big Lesson #1: Keep Writing Posts

So the big lesson we learned was that you need to continue to post new posts on your blog as well as putting up new pins. The other thing we focused on was looping our pins. Not alot of people are talking about this, and as a new blogger, it is something we are still trying to get our heads around. Blogging is both an art and a science. The art is in providing quality content to your readers, and the science is in the number of quality posts and pins. We believe there is alot for us to learn about the art and the science.

Big Lesson # 2: Pinterest Group Boards are Important.

Currently we are contributors for 21 Group Boards. Some are better than others. We need to increase the number of Group Boards we are collaborating on. Our goal is to have 50 – 60 QUALITY group boards that we can add our pins to. This is one of the toughest parts of pinterest, getting added to group boards. There are so many of them that aren’t adding contributors. There are also many that don’t respond to your requests. Group Boards are definitely a numbers game. We need to just spend time sending emails and requests. We know with time and effort, that we will reach our goals.

Win#1 – Tailwind

Tailwinds Tribe to the rescue. We have just started using Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind is a pin scheduler that allows you to spend time posting all your pins, and they will be posted at the optimum times automatically. Tribes are similar to Pinterest Groups because you can add your pins to a Tribe, and others in the community will re-pin if they are interested. We are hoping with time, we can become an expert on Tailwind and figure out the best way to use it to generate views.

Win #2 – Affiliate Marketing

The other win this month is that we have sold our first affiliate marketing sale. It is from our first monthly income report. It isn’t going to make me rich, but it is my first sale, which is kind of exciting. We know for January and February, we will be reviewing Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing to put more focus on the Affiliate marketing opportunities in my posts.

Writing a blog is alot of hard work with little pay at the start. Eventually we know it will be alot of good pay with less work. So here are our numbers for this month.

Views 8986 (drop of over 60% from last month)

Ad Revenue (Google Ads) $28.69 ( drop of 60%)

SendOwl : Pinterest Ebook Affiliate Program $12.50 (Yay!!! First Affiliate Marketing Sale)

Its obvious that the Ad Revenue dropped in direct relation to the views, which was also in direct relation to the number of posts. We wrote 24 posts for October and then only 7 posts in November and 7 posts in December. Our goal is to do at least 4 – 5 posts per week in our first year. (We definetely learned our lesson)

We hope that this post has been helpful. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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