So what do you get the guy that has everything? The unexpected!

If your husband, brother or father is like my husband, if there is something that he wants, he just goes and get it. Besides the usual gift fare of socks and underwear, what else is there to get him? For my guys, I try and find something that although he doesn’t yet know about it, is something that he will love. Love to use, love to show off, love to get as a gift.

I am going to share some of those thing in this list, and hopefully they won’t read this post! Or maybe I’m not going to give them any of these things, maybe just one or two. Who knows? (That was my attempt to confuse them).

Neat and useful gadgets and gizmos are always a top gift. Also clothes and accessories are other gifts that he likes to get and I love to give. But the magic of Christmas is when you get those suprise gifts. The gift that you weren’t expecting, and there it is. Anytime I can surprise someone with a gift, I consider myself successful.

Gift Guide

This gift guide is made up of the top selling gift ideas on Amazon from different categories. We want to help you with ideas to fill stockings and the bottom of the tree for those men in your life.


No boy, big or small, can say no to electronic gadgets. Whether that gadget is a speaker, music player, or gaming device, the fact is that you can never upgrade too quickly, or have too many. It’s like girls and our shoes! Check out these gift ideas.

  1. Tile Mate – Key Finder
  2. Steel Series Gaming Headset
  3. Crosley Turntable
  4. Logitech Gaming Mouse
  5. Monster Speaker



Boys and their toys. Has your boyfriend or husband ever gone to Home Depot, and you didn’t see hm for 2 – 3 hours? They get quite excited about hand tools, drills, wrenches, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Here are some great gift ideas to consider this year.

    1. DeWalt Right Angle Adapter Attachment
    2. 33 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver
    3. Pictek Car Jump Starter 3 in 1
    4. Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Charger
    5. DeWalt Hand Held Area Light

Outdoor Sports Equipment

Whether your man is an outdoors guy, or a sports guy, or both, there are some very neat gadgets out there. Take a look at his old sports equipment and see what is worn, or is torn and shredded. Replace it with something shiny and new. Maybe there is something that he really wants, but won’t get. Spoil him.

  1. Etekcity LED Camping Light
  2. TETON Backpack
  3. Sawyer Mini Water Filter
  4. Life Straw
  5. Klymit Sleeping Pad

Health & Fitness

Whether he is a healthy nut, gym rat, or just a guy that wants to look good in his shirts, health and fitness gifts are always popular gifts under the tree. Take a look at these health gadgets for that special gift.

  1. Cap Barbell Push Up Holder
  2. Resistance Bands
  3. Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar
  4. Foam Roller
  5. Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor


When you want your man looking good for a night out, heading to work, or for just day to day, take a look at these fashion gift ideas. They are both affordable and stylish.

  1. Casio Sports Watch
  2. Men’s Micro Fleece Bathrobe
  3. Tommy Hilfiger Wallet
  4. Docker’s Leather Belt
  5. Hanes Comfort T-shirt

We hope this gift guide has been helpful on your quest for the best Christmas gifts this year for the men in your life. Leave a comment below if this has been helpful!

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