As another year comes to an end and a new one begins, I realize that time seems to be moving quicker and quicker. Days go by in a flash. Weeks and months start and then end before we know it. Even years flip by like pages in a book. It seems that the time betwen New Years Eve and summer is passing quicker every year.

Life on Purpose
Stop Wasting Time
Start Living

We can’t control time and we can’t slow it down, so what we need to do is use the time we do have wisely. By living a purposeful life, we can make sure that we can enjoy the moments we are living. We can end our days with contentment because we used our time on things that matter. So what ar those things?

A Life of Purpose

Family – Family is important and the time that you spend with them is important. You can spend quality time together, connecting, and doing things together.

Religion – I know that religion isn’t for everyone. For our family, God and church is part of our lives. We live our lives based on God’s teachings. Whatever your belief and religion is, embrace it. It gives your life meaning.

Community – The community’s we are involved in include the city we live in, the church community we share our time with, the business community we work with, and the sports community that our kids are involved with. We make sure that we give back to our communities when we can.

Experiences – Life is about more than the things we own. Too many people work day and night so that they can own things. But those things aren’t going to make you happy. Living in a bigger home doesn’t make you happy. Driving an expensive car doesn’t make you happy. It is the experiences you share with others that will add to your happiness.

The key to your happiness is to define those experiences that you want to do, and then work hard to make the resources so that you spend your free time on your experiences. So much time is spent on things that other people can be doing. Rather than spending time on cleaning your house, preparing food and cooking, with some planning and delegating, you can make more time for yourself.

The Simple Life

It is true that there are some cultures of natives that haven’t been touched by the Western world. They live simple lives of hunting and farming and spend the rest of their time with each other talking, laughing, and playing games. They have a good life. There is no stress. There is no anxiety and mental health issues. They don’t strive to have a bigger hut. Life is simple and life is good.

We live in a different place. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t strive to live a simpler life.

In order to live a great life, you need resources to live. If you can find a way to make money that doesn’t involve you working for the next 40 years, you can spend more of your time living. There are some people that love their job so much that even if they were rich, they would keep working because that is what they love to do. Their work is what gives their life meaning. If that is you, then congratulations.

Before Simple Comes Complicated

Many don’t feel that way. For those people, decide that you are going to be financially independant. Because in order to be financially independant, you need to filter your time and money away from those things that waste it and allocate it to resources that will generate an income. That could be rental properties. It could be a side hustle that earns money online like blogging.

There are alot of people that are willing to show you how to become financially independant. There are definitely too many resources out there to discuss in this post. You can take a look at this post that discusses how we started blogging as a start.

Start Now

It doesn’t matter what you do to get your time back. There isn’t just one way to get there. But decide on one way. Because the fact is that it is going to take time and effort. You need to start today by planning what you are going to do. Deciding is the hardest part. But once you decide, you need to take the first step, and then the next step and the next step.  Keep taking steps.

Some days you are going to be thinking that you are wasting alot of your precious time, and that you aren’t getting anywhere. The fact is that with time and experience, you will get better at what you do, and you will start to see more reward. Eventually you will get to the point that your projects will give you the life you want.

When that time comes, you can spend less time working. You can spend more time living and enjoying life. You can spend more of your valuable time doing the things we discussed earlier, time with your family, time with God, time with community and living experiences.

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