If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. If you are carrying too much weight, and want to make a change, you need some motivation. The will and desire to make a change isn’t usually enough. You need to have the drive that will take you past that first week of change. We are always ready to make a change for a week, but to make a true transformation, it is going to mean changing habits for years.

A mentor, whether physical or virtual, can help you maintain that drive. These ten true transformation champions are real people that you can model your own successful weight loss transformation on. Many of them are available to reach out to for advice. The before and after pictures are amazing, and inspiring.

  1. Kate Writer

Kate has had amazing transformational change of over 50kg in one year. She tracked her transformation, her meals, her fitness program on her Instagram account. You can find her on Instagram at dedikated lifestyle. You can hear an intereview that she did here.

2. Erica Lugo


Erica looks like a completely different person. She lost 150lbs in 15 months. You can read her story here. On Instagram you can find her at EricaFitLove

3. Simone Anderson


Simone’s transformation in unbelievable. She is literally less than half the person she used to be after losing 200 lbs. She committed to a healthier lifestyle and now she looks amazing. Her instagram account is full of her beautiful taste in fashion and style.

Simone tells her story here.

4. Lexi and Danny Reed

Lexi and Danny are a true inspiration for any couple that wants to change their bodies and their health for the better. They lost 100s of pounds together. I enjoy following Lexi and Danny on Instagram at fatgirlfedup. She has a passion for life that is unbelievable.

5. Hayley Edwards

After getting stuck in a turnstile, Hayley decided that she needed to make a change. She made a change that resulted in a weight loss of over 160 lbs. This mother of 3 became a true inspiration for her kids.

6. Justin & Lauren


Wow! Just wow! This couple lost 4 people’s worth of weight. It was a health emergency for Justin, and at 592 lbs, was too heavy to get on the imaging machine. Lauren at that time weighed 342 lbs. The next 19 months had them lose 382 lbs together. Read their story here.

7. Ed & Lori Olsen

Ed & Lori suffered from joint pain, acid reflux and snoring, and both weighed around 300 lbs. They made a choice that they didn’t like the life they were living. They made changes in their life that would give them a better quality, and probably more quantity.

8. Andrea & Ronnie Brower

Can you imagine losing 600 lbs? Andrea and Ronnie met in the gym and they ended up motivating each other to lose an unimaginable amount of fat. They were showcased on the Today Show.

9. Cory Ayers

Food can be comforting during hard times. Like all good things, too much of it has some side effects. This is what happened with Cory. She used Food as a vice during a tough time, and ended up gaining a lot of weight. She realized what she was doing and decided to make a change. By eating better and exercising more, she lost 125 lbs in a year. She is living the life she wants. Read her story here.

These stories are 9 truly inspirational stories that are completely amazing. The drive and motivation that it requires to lose over 100 lbs is not inside everyone. Here is the thing though. If you want or need this transformation in your life, use these peoples story as your transformation motivation. Don’t say “why me”, rather say “why not me”. Take it one day at a time, and make true change.

Comment with your own goals, or your own transformation story.

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