Where do you want to travel to next? What is your dream vacation, or that place on your bucket list that you want to stroke off next? What is holding you back? If you don’t make alot of money, but still want to see the world, we have the solutions for you. Travel Hacking. Have you heard of it?

Travel Free
Travel Hacking

Travel Hacking

It is exactly what the name says. It is a way that you can hack your favourite travel destinations without breaking the bank. You can travel to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan, China, Nicaragua, Peru, anywhere you want. You can start to strike the destinations and experiences off of your bucket list.

The best part of travel hacking is that you don’t need to make your trip a budget trip based on economy flights, and 1 star hotels. I am going to share some blogs and websites with you where travel hackers have stayed in the best hotels, and flown in business class or first class. They’ve taken a one destination trip and stretched it out by travelling to 3 or 4 destinations without further cost. These trips have cost the travel hackers less than most pay for a flight.

Frequent Flyer Reward Miles

Travel Hacking

The basis for travel hacking is to use frequent flyer rewards to pay for flights and hotels. The more resourceful you become at earning rewards, the more trips you can go on, and experiences you can enjoy. We live in Canada, where we have access to some good reward programs. Although, the US has the best programs. With only a few generous credit cards, you can very quickly and easily earn enough reward miles for your first trip.

Where will your first trip be? Where is that one place that you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t because it is going to be too expensive? What if you could go there in 2018? How awesome would that be?

After you have chosen your location, figure out how many miles you will need to get there. Also find a 5 star hotel that you would like to stay at to make this the best trip ever. Now that you know where you want to go, let’s start planning how you are going to get there.

Start by signing up for Award Wallet. It is a database to keep you updated on all of the Reward Programs that you are a member of. As you start to travel regularly, you will fly on different carriers, and stay at different hotels, and it will become almost impossible to keep track of all the rewards. Award Wallet will keep you organized.

The Must Dos of Travel Hacking

Travel hacking
Travel hacking

There are a few musts when it comes to Travel Hacking.

#1. You can’t hold a balance on your credit card. This system only works if you pay off the balance every month. If you do hold a balance, the interest payments become much too expensive, and it would be cheaper to simply pay for the trip, rather than earn miles.

#2. When you sign up for a rewards credit card, it isn’t enough just to sign up for the card. There are minimum amounts that you need to purchase on the cards in the first few months in order to qualify for the reward points. Being aware, and making sure that you charge the correct amount is important.

#3. Good credit is a must. In order to qualify for multiple credit cards, and access more points, you need to have good credit and be responsible with your credit to keep your credit rating high.

#4. Keep up to date on various programs that will help you to earn more and more points. There are many programs that come and go that allow you to earn sometimes hundreds of thousands of miles very quickly. But you need to be aware of them to take advantage of them.


Here are some resources that will help you with your education.

1. Flyer Talk – this is a forum where travel hackers will share their favourite programs and different methods of redeeming their miles to get the most value from them. Caution: you can spend a lot of time

2. Reddit – The reddit forum is the resource for almost everything online. It is a forum where people contribute on almost any topic for free. It is one of the best resources online. For travel hacking, it is another free source for information on how to travel hack, and programs that are available.

3. 10X travel – Bryce Conway shares all the tricks of the trade when it comes to travel hacking. On his many different writers share their experience, and their successes when it comes to travel hacking.

4. Canadian Travel Hacking – Designed specifically for Canadians that want to travel the world affordably, this site shares resources that will help you to get started and plan your first trip.

5. Kendrick – Kendrick is a Canadian who lives a lifestyle of travel hacking. He shares how he does it, and shares the resources that he uses. Although he is Canadian, many of the tools he uses can also be used by travel hackers in the US.

5. Travel Strong – This post by Travel Strong on Travel Hacking is a great starting resource for those that are beginning their travel hacking journey and want to learn where to find cheap flights and cheap hotels.

6. Nomadic Matt – Matt has been travelling full-time since 2005, and has guided many to live similar lifestyles. He is a professional when it comes to travel hacking.

Start your Travel Hacking lifestyle today be using these resources to learn more, and decide on your first great trip. Once you have done one, it will be impossible to stop you. Please comment below what your first trip will be and how many miles you need. Comment again when you have achieved your goal.

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