New Year’s Eve is a restart for must of us. We are closing the door on the year before, and starting anew. Now it doesn’t mean that last year was particularly bad. In fact it could have been the best year of your life. But your goal and my goal is to make next year that much better. Many of us have New Year’s resolutions that include weight loss goals, health goals, income goals, lifestyle goals and experience goals.

There are goals that are health related, such as meditating more, eating less, starting to run, or start going to the gym. Perhaps it is education based, like going back to finish your high school or college/university diploma. If you are already in school, you may want to get better grades, or pay of student loan. Finance related may be to start a side job (side hustle), ask for a raise, work less, or work more.

Weight Loss Resolutions

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of resolutions. The resolutions are specific to each person. But you would probably agree that many of us have a weight loss or health resolution. This is going to be the year that we turn back time, and lose those extra pounds. The health care industry makes millions from people’s best intentions. Gym memberships and gym attendance goes way up in January and even February. By March, the memberships aren’t being used, and attendance goes back to normal. This happens every year.

I know how hard it is to keep focused and motivated after more than a few weeks. Temptation is sometime too much for high sugar carbs that are found in alcohol and in candy and treats. Outside motivation is key. Motivation can come in other ways, such as personal stories of others that have achieved their goals. You become motivated because you think to yourself, well if he or she can do it, why can’t I?

Weight Loss Motivation

It is likely that you will need that motivation when you are at your lowest points, when you are having cravings, when your resolve is weak. I have read that willpower is similar to a tank of gas, rather than a part of your character. What that means is that you can start a quest, a project, a resolution with alot of will power, but the more times that you need it, the quicker it will empty. When it is emptied, you need to fill that tank back up again. This is why you will go to the gym regularly in January, or you will lose alot of weight at the start of your quest. Yet, after time, you aren’t as motivated to make a change, and you give up or quit.

Weight Loss Tranformations

These stories of transformation are for that time when you are almost ready to give up. When you see the after pictures of these people, and you see where they started, it will motivate you to keep going. It is OK for you to look for some motivation every day if that is what you need. And if you have a day where you fall off your plan, and binge for a day. Use these transformations to make sure that you get back on track. These transformations are lifestyle changes that you must embrace for a lifetime if you want to maintain your health. So don’t let one or two binge days define you. Embrace those days, and enjoy them, and give your body the healthy food it will be craving asap.

These transformations are the motivation that you’ve been looking for.

  1. Cristina Diaz

Cristina went from weighing 245 lbs to 145 lbs in a year. She went to the doctor and was told that if she didn’t make a change, she would need to go on blood pressure pills for the rest of her life. Cristina cried, and then decided to make a change. She started eating better and exercising. She quickly started losing weight.

Cristina also invented a health game called DietBet, where participants put money into a pot, and those that finished the game and lost weight, shared in the pot. It was a collaborative group of women that got together online to motivate and encourage each other. Eventually, some of them met in person to workout together.

2. Angela Crickmore

Angela has a story of many of us. She was skinny in high school and then when she hit her 20s, with bad eating habits and an unhealthy lifetstyle she gained weight, and eventually weighed 182lbs. With her friends’ encouragement, she lost over 70 lbs in the next 8 months. She gained a six pack, and a new lifestyle.

How did she do it?

She ate a diet high in protein and fat and low in carbs. Angela started exercising by walking, and eventually running and now she goes to the gym for 90 minutes 5 – 6 nights a week. She does cardio and weights. Her new life is because of the healthy choices that she makes.

3. Harshi Suraweera

I love Harshi’s story. She was shamed on Facebook, because she was overweight. She read those mean and harsh words and decided that she would use those words to motivate herself to make a change. In 10 months she lost 92lbs. Harshi had self-image and food addiction issues. Those words made her go to the gym, and start working out.

She ate healthy, organic food. Harshi limited her sugar intake. She stayed away from processed foods. She changed so drastically that even her own mother didn’t recognize her.

4. Christine Carlos

Christine weighed up to 225 lbs in June 2012, and found that she couldn’t play with her daughter on the beach because she ran out of breath. Her transformation started with that realization that she was going to miss out on being a mom. It started when she changed her diet and her lifestyle such that she lost over 100 lbs over the next year. She started with small changes, that each had a small effect. And then making another small change, and another. She read about health, and about eating healthy. Christine changed her diet. She started drinking water. She became a bikini competitor. Christine’s progress was a result of a small change that she made one day. What small change will you make today?

5. Rebecca Grafton

Rebecca gained her weight after college. Her extra weight was a result of extra calories from alcohol and an unhealthy diet. She didn’t recognize herself in pictures. So she knew that she needed to make a change. I love what she did next. She decided that she needed some motivation. Rebecca booked a trip to Jamaica, and worked hard so that she would look good in her vacation pictures.

She counted calories, ate healthy foods most days and worked out almost every day. She documented her progress on her instagram account. Through instagram she has motivated hundreds of thousands of other people to live healthy.

6. Natalie

Natalie’s transformation is unbelievable. She doesn’t look like the same person. She has truly transformed her body. By looking at Natalie, you might think that she was one of those kids that grew up skinny, gained weight, and then lost the weight. She explains in the article that she was always overweight. She started her first diet when she was only 9.

The picture on the left motivated her to make a change. She had just gotten engaged, and decided that she didn’t want to be the fat bride. Natalie made the necessary changes and over 18 months she eventually lost 78 lbs.She gained most of it back and then lost it again. She has successfully kept the weight off for more than 2 years.

7. Heather

Heather’s story is about one woman’s relathionship with food, and how that relationship changed. She had a relationship not unlike alot of us. Bouts of depression caused her to binge eat, diet, and fail. Losing weight and gaining weight. She felt irritable and tired. Heather focused on training her brain to make different decisions. As a result, she lost 107 lbs in 8 months.

8. Irvy

Irvy lost 132 lbs, documenting her journey on Instagram and YouTube. She had the typical journey that is comprised of eating crap, gaining weight, dieting, losing weight, eating crap again and gaining back more than she lost. Wash and repeat.

So what changed? Her attitude and realization that she doesn’t need to be perfect. She followed her intuition and made small changes that resulted in losing 132 lbs.

9. Christine Carter

Food habits are emotionally based. We all know that. Who hasn’t binged on ice cream or cookies after a break up or a rough day at work? So to control your eating, you need to learn how to control your emotions and feelings. Christine’s overeating took her to an unhealthy peak of 275 lbs.

Christine used gastric bypass surgery to help her lose 150 lbs. She maintains the weight loss with a ketogenic diet. You can see the meals that she prepares and eats on Instagram here.

10. Alexis

Alexis wrote a letter to herself as a 280 lb previous self. She outlines all the things that she was feeling at that time. Although she looked happy and confident on the outside, inside she was wondering if she would survive. She was concerned and embarassed about how she looked. Alexis convinces herself that she can make an amazing change and have all her dreams come true, if she just decides to make a change and starts taking action today. It is a wonderful letter and an even better story of motivation and transformation.

These transformation stories are so inspirational and they all have the same message. Believe in yourself. Take action today. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Just try to be better than you were the day before. If you slip, accept it, forgive yourself and keep going.

All the best in the year ahead. Update us on your journey. If weight loss is one of your goals, bookmark this post, and come back to it when you need motivation. For more motivation, see the following posts:

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