After last nights win of the Houston Astros over the New York Yankees, the American League Champion will face the LA Dodgers, who won the National League Championship against the defending World Series Champs, Chicago Cubs. The fall classic, like any championship series, is exciting to watch, whether you are a sports fan or not. Every game has meaning. If you aren’t a big baseball fan, though, sometimes it is hard to follow along with what is happening. This post is desined to help you understand. (Even if you don’t truly understand, you will sound like you do).

The World Series

  1. The World Series

The World Series is a best of 7 series, meaning the first team to have 4 wins, will win The Commissioners Trophy, and be considered World Series Champs. Here is a picture of the trophy.

2. Best of 7 or Best of 9?

In 1903 and from 1919 – 1921, the series was a best of 9 series

3. No. 113

This will be the 113th World Series

  1.  The American League wins!

So far, the American League Champion has won 64 times, and the National League has won 48 times

5. The Championship Team

New York Yankees have won the most time with 27 Championships, the last one coming in 2009.

6. No Shows

Seattle Mariners and Washington Nationals (formerly Montreal Expos) are the only franchises that have never appeared in the world series.

7. Losers

The franchises that have never won a World Series are Seattle Mariners, Washington Nationals, Tampa Bay Rays, Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros. If you like the underdog, cheer for Houston!

8. Truly the World Series

Toronto Blue Jays are the only non-USA team to win the World Series

9. The First World Series

In 1903, the first World Series was played. Boston Pilgrims beat the Pittsburgh          Pirates.

10. The Lost Years

The only years that the World Series was not played was 1904, because of a                dispute between the American League and the National League, and 1994,                  because of the players strike.

11. The Rings

Major League Baseball started the tradition of giving rings to the winner of the World Series in 1922.

12. Perfect Game

There has only ever been on “Perfect Game” in the World Series. A “Perfect               Game” is when the pitcher doesn’t allow any player from the other team to get         on base. No hits, no walks. Don Larsen did it in 1956 when he pitched for the             New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

13. Deion Sanders

One player has played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl. Deion                  Sanders played professional baseball with the Atlanta Braves, and in 1993 they          lost to the Toronto Blue Jays in the World Series. He also played professional              football and won the Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers in 1995 and the            Dallas Cowboys in 1996.

14. Home Field Advantage

For this year’s World Series, the LA Dodgers get home advantage, meaning 4             games will be played in LA, and 3 games will be played in Houston. The first               game will be in LA. The home team has the advantage of being in their own ball         park, and the benefit of their fans behind them during the game. They get this           advantage because they had the best overall record. From 2003 – 2016, it was           the winner of the All-Star game that got home field advantage. As of this year       that is no longer the case. 

15. Who’s Got Tickets?

Grandstand seats for the first World Series cost $1. On StubHub, the cheapest            ticket for Game 1 is $893.88, and the best seats will cost $25,000 each.

Now that you know, enjoy the World Series. If you have any other facts that you think would help our Baseball Challenged friends, please leave in the comments below!

Go Astros!

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