Alot of people have weight loss as their #1 goal. They want to look better than they currently do. Why is it so difficult?

The truth of the matter is that you don’t just go to bed in great shape and then wake up overweight. It is the result of continuous bad habits, like snacking throughout the day, eating alot of foods that are full of preservatives, and not getting enough exercise.

The reason that it is so difficult is because you need to replace those habits with healthy habits. It means eating better food. It means finding the time to exercise and stopping your snacking. Eventually those healthy habits will become easier and easier. The first few days, weeks and months that are the hardest.

It isn’t difficult to workout, walk and run in week one. It is difficult to continue to do it everyday. Sometimes a little motivation will help you to get through day 100. That is the idea behind this post. These are people that used to have a bad habit and through hard work and consistent effort were able to lose alot of weight. This could be you.

  1. Hannah

Workout from Home

Hannah proves that you don’t need to buy an expensive gym membership to lose weight. For some, going to the gym can help because the hardest part of the workout is just making the decision to go and taking action. Hannah was able to follow Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix to give her the guideline. By following their program, Hannah became healthy and happy.

2. Doug

One Year & 100 lb

Workin Things Out

I want to showcase Doug, because he is a little bit older than some of the other people I have in this post. Doug’s link is actually a video where he shows his transformation, and it shows that the weight loss is gradual and is the result of hard work every day. Eventually, by the end of the year, he lost 100 lbs. Unbelievable. When you go on his youtube channel, you can see other more recent videos that showed that he was able to keep the habit going, and keep the weight off. Great work Doug!

3. Kate

Accountability is key


Kate lost 64 lbs, and the key to her success was community. She participated in a community of other people on facebook. They had a private group of people that were following the Beachbody 21 Day Fix, and they would check in everyday. It was just what Kate needed to lose weight and achieve her goals.

4. Andrew

200 lbs lost

Fitness Volt

Andrew was a big imposing man. In 2014, at 6’4″ he weighed 540 lbs. He was depressed, ate alot of food (over 10,000 calories per day) and spent most of his day in bed. After having a seizure, he knew he needed to make a change. LIke any long journey, it started the day he decided he needed to make a change. He started by walking a mile a day. He started watching what he put in his body and tracked his macros. His transformation is remarkable and truly inspiring.

5. Unreal Jello

losing weight
Unreal weight loss


I’m pretty sure “Unreal Jello” isn’t his real name, but that is his username on reddit. He posted when he started his journey, and he weighed 446 lbs. Over the next 5 years, he lost 230 lbs. The initial reason he started this journey was when his father had a heart attack and he was diagnosed with hypertension. He lost about 50 lbs on his own and then used gastric bypass to help him continue his journey. Gastric bypass can be a great tool for those that are struggling to get in shape. Don’t be afraid to use tools like gastric bypass surgery. Your health is more important than your pride. You will be glad you did. Great job “jello”!

6. Cannabia

She looks fabulous


Another Reddit profile, so we don’t know her name, but what a stunner. She made such a big change. The one thing you can learn from these transformations, is that you can’t expect it to happen overnight. It takes time to undo all the bad things your have been doing for years. This transformation took 1 1/2 years. If you stay focused and give yourself the time, permanent change can happen for you too!

7. Karl

Fat to Fit

Karl is another spokesperson for gastric sleeves. Although it wasn’t just a matter of having surgery, and life is great. There are still habits that need to be tamed and new, healthier habits needed to be programmed. For Karl, that programming happened in the boxing ring and gym. He was able to find an exercise that would motivate him to get out of the house. Over time, Karl was able to lose 300 lbs. If you need to lose over a hundred pounds, talk to your doctor about gastric bypass surgery. Live healthy, be happy!

8. Yves

Get ripped!

Men’s Health

You don’t have to have 100s of lbs to lose to make a difference in your health. Yves is an inspiration because he was doing alot of things right to keep his body in good shape. But he knew he could do better, and look better. When it comes to getting super ripped like Yves, it is the attention to the details that counts. It means drinking enough water, eating enough good quality food, and paying attention to your macros. Look at those veins!

9. Tiffany

Mom looking Great


I am surprised that it took until #9 before we start talking about Crossfit, a workout program that has motivated the nation over the last 2 years. So many transformations are the result of mothers and fathers that made their own health a priority and decided to try a Crossfit gym. This is partly Tiffany’s story, who is a mother of 3 that found herself north of 300 lbs on the scale, and not alot of extra time to make a change. Tiffany committed to Crossfit, along with healthy eating and has lost 145 lbs. She looks great, feels great and has more energy to be the best Mom she can be!

10. Tom

Lost almost 100 lbs in a year


Can you believe that these 2 pictures of both of the same guy. It is amazing how much someones appearance can change by getting healthy. Tom’s story is not unique. He was abused by a narcissistic father, and depended on food to help him cope. He was medicated by doctors, and that started a downward sprial into depression. Eventually he took control of his life, and his diet. He had gastric surgery, and he worked hard to eat right, and workout. Tom managed to lose almost 100lbs in one year! He is much happier, and in control of his life.

These 10 certainly aren’t an exhaustive list of people that have had success with weight loss. Whether it is through gastric surgery, Crossfit, boxing, or simply working out in your home, you too can have success with your weight loss. Find your why to get you through the hard times, and determine your how to find others that you can be accountable to.

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