Valentines Day is on the way!

Perhaps you have that someone special that you are going to spend your day with. Maybe that special someone is being elusive right now, and you are planning on spending the day with your other single friends. Either way, the right way to get into that “loving” mood is to decorate your home with symbols of romance, love and friendship.

In this post, we are going to share some of the decorations that we have found that you can make or buy, that aren’t too expensive, but look like you bought them at a chic boutique. Let’s make this Valentines Day one to remember!

  1. Painted Mason Jars

Mason Jars are so versatile for any holiday. You can paint them, fill them with things that fit with the holiday that you are decorating for. For a Valentines Day theme, you simply want to paint the mason jars a mauve/pink color, and make designs in the paint. To give it that elegant look, you will need to search for mason jars that have the right elegant font that will stand out. It doesn’t matter what the words on the jars are, just that they look elegant. You can add wooden heart designs and trinkets to the side of the mason jars using string. And to give the jars some personality, you can weather the jars by scraping some of the paint to make them look old. You can see an example in the picture below, but be creative and use your imagination, to create your own “romantic” jars.

Valentines Day DIY Mason Jars

2. I Heart U Framed Picture

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most unique and most eye catching. This framed I Heart U framed picture of the alphabet is one of those pieces. So simple, yet it grabs your eye and your attention the minute you see it. The best part is that you don’t need to design it yourself. It is actually a free printable by Jennifer at The Craft Patch blog.

Printable Valentine DIY

The Craft Patch Blog

3. Valentines Day Signs

You have probably seen similar signs at weddings and graduations. They are elegant, poetic, sometimes silly, and always beautiful. If you don’t have great handwriting, we recommend that you use stencils for the letters. For contrast, you can use an elegant font, followed by a type font. Use different paint colors, and different frames. Make up your own saying, or steal one from Google. It is up to you. Many of these signs are so beautiful that you will want to leave them up year round, not just at Valentines Day.

Design your own Valentine Day themed sign

4. DIY Valentines Day Garland

That’s right, garland isn’t just for Christmas, and it isn’t just made from pine needles. You can make your own Valentine Day themed garland, and you can be original by using unique materials such as burlap, denim, lace, wood, cardboard, bristol board, or whatever you can get your hands on. String your garland across your fireplace, across your windows or mirrors, or outside.

Valentines DIY Burlap Garland

Alice Wingerden

5. Your Valentine Day Themed Table Setting

When the day comes and your company arrives, you want everything to be Valentine Day themed, including the table settings. This table runner is beautiful, original, and very easy to make. But it is just the start. You will want to include flowers, candles and chocolates. These are must have’s for any Valentine Day themed event. This will be the start to a wonderful evening filled with Love.

Valentine Day party theme

Arin Solange at home

6. Tree of Love

This is one of my favourite ideas, not just for Valentines Day, but year round. The tree is made up of cut branches. You can fill the branches with pictures of friends and family to make it your own. The clips you can make, and paint with hearts to make it Valentines Day themed. And for those of us with a sweet tooth, you can finish it off with cinnamon hearts. Beautiful, and yummy all at the same time.

Valentines Day Tree of Love

7. Heart Wreath For Your Front Door

Your guests will feel your love before they even step foot in your house, with this beautiful heart shaped fluffy wreath that you made yourself. It’s a gift you can share with your neighbours that are just walking by your house, as well as those that are stopping in for a visit.

Welcome them with love

Fynes Designs

8. Valentines Book Bundle

These books are a subtle decoration that can be placed on a book shelf or a frame shelf. They aren’t as obvious as the wreath, but when added to the other decorations throughout your house make up the small details that will catch your eye.

Vintage DIY Valentine Books

Orphans With Makeup

9. The Candy Planter

These candy planters are very cute. They are also nostalgic for those of us that remember getting the heart shaped tart candies as a kid from our valentines. It is simple to make, and are colorful and eye catching.

Sweet planters for Valentines Day

The Seasonal Home

10. Rustic Valentines Day Blocks

These rustic valentines day blocks are creative and beautiful. The cool thing about the blocks is that since each block has 6 sides, you can be creative with the words that you show. I’ve seen some blocks that have Valentines Day theme on one side and St. Patricks Day theme on another side.

Design your own Valentine Block

Creative Green Living

11. Yarn Wrapped Trees

You will notice that many of the Valentines Day DIY projects are repurposed Christmas decorations. That is what we see here with the Yarn Wrapped Trees. By taking a Christmas Tree and wrapping it in red or pink yarn, and including hearts, it becomes a beautiful Valentines Day decoration. Love these!

Valentines Day DIY Trees

Kids DIYs

12. Valentines Day Warm Up Station

To take the Valentines Day experience to the next level, have a warm up station that has a Valentines Day theme. Whether it is a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate station, design the serving station with a Valentines Day theme. The beauty is in the details.

Warm Up with this Valentine Themed Station

Inspiration That Sticks

13. Heart Flower Sucker

When your guests are leaving, and you want to top the evening off with a small gift, these Heart Flower Suckers are both pretty and yummy, and easy to make.

DIY Valentines Day gifts

Cassidy Lucille

14. Reusable “I love you because” Picture Frame

I love this idea, because if you want to make your party a memorable one for your guests, you need to make it special for them individually. Nothing will make it more special for them, than a personal message about why you love them. With a personalized message, they will feel warm and fuzzy inside and so will you!

I love you because..

Dagmar Bleasdale

Whether you use just one idea or all of them, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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