4 of The Top Weight Loss, Paleo & Keto Experts To Follow

My last post that showcased keto experts has been a big hit, and had alot of views. It also provided me with some education as some of my readers introduced me to other respected ketogenic and paleo experts that might help you on your journey. I would love to hear how keto has benefitted your life. Leave some comments below the article. Also, if there are other experts we should highlight in future articles, please share.

Dr. Berg

Dr. Berg lived the typical lifestlye of a high school athlete. As a multi sport athlete, he would put his body through hell playing and training for football, wrestling and track. As a wrestler, he would cut weight, and put it back on, continuously. He ate his carb filled diet full of sugar. He applied to join the army, and barely passed the physical fitness training.

The combination of low levels of sleep, high carb and high sugar diet, and high stress had an impact on his body. Dr. Berg’s kidney was shutting down on him. By 28, he had arthritis, couldn’t sleep, and had high blood sugar levels. He started to eat more protein and vegetables and his body reacted positively. That was the start of a change that would alter his life and his practice. In fact his quit is chiropractic practice and started focusing on nutrition, food therapy and alternative therapy.

Dr. Berg studied nutrition and alternative therapies and started to teach other medical professionals. He taught at Howard University.Dr. Berg started a seven year project to write a book. He is using all his knowledge to help others to lose weight and gain back control of their lives and their bodies.

He is the author of the 7 Principles of Fat Burning.  Dr. Berg has a great website at www.drberg.com.


Dr. Ken D Barry M.D.

He does a great job of taking the complexity of the ketogenic diet and making it easy to understand. Dr. Ken has a YouTube channel, where he shares his vast knowledge of all things ketogenic.

He explains that he was once a typical doctor that would recommend the American food guid pyramid to his patients that wanted to lose weight, not understanding that the old system is broken. While attempting to lose some extra pounds himself, he discovered the ketogenic diet, and has become one of its biggest supporters.

He ended up writing the best selling book, Lies My Doctor Told Me. In his book, Dr. Ken teaches that in order to be healthy you need to make the correct lifestyle choices. That doesn’t include living on the plethora of pills and medication prescribed by your doctor. Eat right and exercise, and many ailments will be cured, just because you are feeding your body what it wants and needs.  Check out his YouTube channel here. There are so many good videos to share, but I will share this one on the Top 7 Keto Tips You Need


Daniel Thomas Hind

Daniel is a specialist in helping high performing businessmen and workaholics to eat healither without the work and distraction. He clears the confusion of what to eat, and when to eat by transforming their relationship with food and giving them a track that they can run on for the rest of their lives.

Eazy, peezy, lemon squeezy…

The effect is that those on the program will stop obsessing about food, stop reaching for sugar to fill a void, stop judging themselves, and in the end, something wonderful happens. His clients feel better, look better, and have more energy. Everything that you are looking for.

Daniel runs a program called EvolutionEat. He provides the program, the coaching and the mentoring to make eating healthy your lifestyle.

Robb Wolf

If you have been in your local bookstore looking for a book on keto, possible The Keto Reset, or Primal Blueprint, or 7 Principles of Fat Burning, you have certainly seen, and maybe even purchased The Paleo Solution. Robb Wolf is the author. He doesn’t just write books though, Robb’s background is built on research. He was actually a former research biochemist, before he became a NY bestselling author.

Actually, you will need to see the about page on his website to appreciate all the things that he and his wife have accomplished in their lives when it comes to exercise and nutrition. It is truely remarkable. He is a powerlifter, a coach, a lecturer, a podcaster, a business owner, a husband, a father, an author and more.

Robb’s podcast has over 300 podcasts on all things paleo and keto. If you can’t find it here, it isn’t on the internet.

Take the time to view the videos. These are some of the best experts on Paleo and keto, and can be invaluable resources for you going forward. If there are other experts that you feel I should showcase, please mention them in the comments below. I look forward to your comments, because it allows me to find more resources for my own weight loss journey.

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