There are so many wonderful indoor house plants to choose from to spread around your house. Some plants are simply for decoration and ambiance. Other plants can be used to enrich the tastes of your food and drinks. Still others are used as medicine and for their healthy attributes.

For those of us that remember high school biology, plants have a symbiotic relationship with humans. We provide carbon dioxide, which they need to live, and they provide us with oxygen, which we need to live. It is a beautiful thing.

The best indoor house plants will have more than one use. They may look good and be good for your health at the same time. There are hundreds, and more likely thousands, of plants to choose from . Here are 10 of the best indoor houseplants you need in your home.

1. Aloe Plant

When it comes to indoor plants, aloe is one of the most popular ones. I remember my grandmother had an aloe plant in the bathroom of her house in the window. When we were young, and we got hurt (which we were prone to do) and we were bleeding, she would take us to the bathroom to clean the wound. When it was clean, she would snap a leaf from the aloe plant, squeeze out the liquid inside and put it on our wound.

Today there are many sunburn gels and creams that have aloe in them. It is a nautral remedy for sunburns and other skin irritations. I hightly recommend that you have this natural healer somewhere close, especially if you have kids.

Indoor House Plants
Aloe Plant


2. Herb Garden

I am going to cheat a little on this one. This isn’t one plant, but many different plants that not only have some medicinal properties, but also taste great. There is nothing better than cutting fresh herbs straight from your garden and sprinkling them on your dish. Whether it is fresh mint, basil, oregano, chives, tarragon, rosemary and many more. You can plant them in little planters in your window sill, or you can buy a mini greenhouse that will fit in your kitchen. Just make sure that it is handy for when you are cooking.

Indoor House Plants
Herb Garden

3. Ivy

I love the look of Ivy on the side of an old tudor house. It gives it such a classic look. Ivy can be one of the most invasive plants if you give it full reign to do what it wants. It will grow on anything and everything if you let it. As a house plant, where you can control it, it is easy to grow, and looks nice as a hanging plant. What I wasn’t aware of, is that ivy has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. It has been crushed and used in tea for respiratory conditions like asthma. It has also been used as an anesthetic, and used to reduce swelling, and to help with arthritis. Who knew?

Indoor House Plants
Ivy Hanging Plant

4. Money Tree

The money tree doesn’t actually grow money, otherwise, I would have a forest full of these things. Based on Feng Shui, the money tree can bring good luck and prosperity. Since we could all use a little good luck, I recomment a nice little money tree in your office. Cha Ching!

Indoor House Plants
Money Tree

5. Orchid

I love orchids. They are just so beautiful to look at. The perfect orchid looks fake. There are so many different orchids, and some of them are nearly impossible to grow, so if you plan on growing orchids, here is what I recommend. Research orchids to find one that grows easily. Buy one that has already flowered, so you know what it is going to look like, and it has already survived through the hard part.

Indoor House Plants

6. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are classic plants. They are beautiful green and white plants that are easy to care for. The one caution is that they are toxic if ingested by children or by animals.

Indoor House Plants
Peace Lily

7. Bird of Paradise

When I go to a tropic location, the vacation starts when I see a palm tree. They immediately put me into vacation mode. Birds of Paradise can have the same effect in your home or office. They just look tropical. Who doesn’t need a mini vacation every once in a while. The great thing is that they are also very easy to grow. Aloha!

Indoor House Plant
Bird of Paradise

8. Jasmine

Jasmine is the perfect plant for your bedroom. They look beautiful, and have a sweet smell. The reason that they are perfect for the bedroom is that it releases its scent at night after the sun has gone down. Jasmine has many different medicinal uses. A couple of them that might offset each other. You see Jasmine can help you to sleep better, but it is also known as an aphrodisiac. It can also be used as an anti depressant. It seems like the perfect plant for the bedroom.

Indoor House Plant

There are alot of different options for plants. There are a few of my favourites. Which other plants do you have in your house that you love and think everyone else should have? I would love to hear your comments.

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