6 Mouth Watering Fat Bombs To Lose Fat!! (What?….say, What??)

When I first saw a picture of a chocolate peanut butter cup in a keto blog, I thought that person that posted it had screwed up. I thought they posted their “sweet, delicious recipe” in the wrong post. They posted it in keto, instead of the fattening, but delicious treats post. I mean, a diet that focuses on fat loss can’t possibly include one of my favourite treats. Not a chance. Diets don’t work that way. Diets are about lean chicken instead of fatty beef and bacon is a definite no – no. And peanut butter cups are for cheat days. They are for days when you have given up on the diet, and feel that you need a treat. They are a reward that you will need to pay back later with more cardio, or some more celery and carrots for dinner.

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